This episode is seriously all about Yoshino! Not that I have a problem with that but I must admit that I was hoping for more Touko moments! Oh well – instead we get a few cute Yoshino moments plus TWO new characters!! And these aren’t just ANY characters….hahaha let me elaborate later.

Yoshino is dead set on getting a petit souer before Rei’s tournament. She CANNOT lose to Eriko! Rei’s reaction here I think is also quite cute! hahaha


One thing that I felt was missing was understanding why Eriko pushed so hard for Yoshino to find herself a little sister. That I don’t quite understand.

Anyway, let’s welcome two new characters to the story!! YAY!


First there’s Shouko Naito – Tsutako’s ‘to-be-fan’ and then we have Yoshino’s potential soeur, also known as ‘mini-Eriko’ – oops – just kidding! I mean Nana Arima!! hahahaha Does she look like Eriko or what?? haha As Sei says, all that’s missing is a headband! LOL I’m actually quite excited about this Nana x Yoshino story as I don’t know what’s coming up. Anyone care to spoil it for me?? haha

Other *grin* moments:

  • When Sachiko was so angry with the girl helping out when she was late – and to hear that her excuse was to do with straightening her hair!! LOL
  • The three ex-Roses describing Shimako and Noriko as being a Western and Japanese doll put together! *aaw* Now how cute is that??
  • Yoshino cheering for Rei at the tournament. I thought it was a nice touch of detail to see Yoshino ‘in’ Rei when she headed for the final strike.

What did you guys think of this episode? I thought it was good overall and prepares us for heaps more to come but I would have liked a Touko x Yumi moment! >_<

Edit: Btw, I forgot to mention that I so couldn’t tell it was Hitomi voicing both Eriko and Nana?! How does she do that? Nana sounds a bit like Kana-chan from Candy Boy. ^_^