cotton-titleThis one-shot manga (about four chapters) was recommended to me by Person A.

Cotton focuses on the encounter between two girls. The younger girl, Michiko, is a problem teenager in her first year of highschool. The other girl, Natsuki, is a young office lady who on a random occasion, offers to share her umbrella with Michiko in the rain. Natsuki presses the umbrella into Michiko’s hands with tears falling down her face. This leaves an impression on Michiko who then makes the move of trying to get to know Natuski. She plays the ‘I was just in the area’ card! Haha Anyway, this is out of her character as she tends to keep to herself and doesn’t generally talk to others – let alone smile. To make things a bit more interesting, it turns out that Michiko is the sister-in-law of Natsuki’s older sister. Does that make any sense?! LOL I tried to put it in the simplest terms I could think of!!


The story is somewhat ordinary and thinking back now, I struggle to think of a particular moment when it really took my breath away. There were definitely a few cute moments though and I liked the art and the way the characters interacted – one more ‘aggressive’ and pushing the buttons while the other suffers some angry and blushing moments. haha You know the drill! The only thing lacking was that I wished the yuri went a bit further. =(

So if you’re looking for a one-shot yuri manga that’s short and simple then this one is worth reading!