SOUER AUDITION!! Here we come!! hahahaha Well first off, the pace slows back down here (*thumbs up*) PLUS we get to see the more playful side of Sachiko! I really missed that side of her as I recall us getting a few glimpses of that in the OVAs! 

The below is my favourite bit! It’s so cute to see Sachiko twirling Yumi around her little finger and Yumi getting angry at Sachiko! SOOOO reminds me of how Sachiko and Yumi met! Yumi is exactly in Sachiko’s position a year earlier! CUTE! ^_________^

As I mentioned before, though there aren’t any crazy squealing moments, I couldn’t help but smile countless times!! LOL I feel like I’m watching the episode through yuri lens!! LOL

Here’s a few of my favourite moments:

  • Yoshino describes the lack of first years as being…AHAHAHAHA Now I never thought about it that way! haha


  • Yoshino realises that she hasn’t really had a chance to meet anyone that could be her petite soeur and says Yumi is in a much better position with both Kanako and Touko. Yoshino: “Can I have one of them?” LOL hahaha Yumi answers: “You can’t just take one…” =P


  • Yoshino’s soeur audition becomes a tea party (LOL) but is really a…’GROUP MARRIAGE INTERVIEW / GOUKON (group date)’!! AHAHAHAHA


  • When Noriko asks what Touko thinks of Yumi, I thought her answer was not only spot on but kind of cute! ^___^


marimite-ep3eThis episode was a lot less dramatic than I expected. I think because of the pace of the previous episodes, I thought we’d see some serious development between Touko and Yumi. However, this episode seems to be more of a setup of what’s to come. Though there were not any WOW moments, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were many sweet moments and I honestly feel taken away by the delicate art. Some shots looked so good! This one of Shimako and Noriko is one of my favourites (though their noses do look a tad sharp! =P).

Now’s it another week to wait. We’ll be seeing Tsutako’s little fan!!! Shouko Naito!!! YAY! I have a feeling that there’s not going to be heaps of Touko x Yumi…at least not yet…