mh-look-goodEpisode 2 has been subbed. You can find it uploaded here. I’m a bit hesitant as I watch this one as I have heard disappointing comments and given I was sitting on the fence to start with…that doesn’t help.

Well let’s see how it goes…20 or so minutes later…

Okay, things that I didn’t like:

  • Too many nose bleeds!! I think there were like 3 or 4 bleeds in the first 10 minutes…*sigh* In this episode, Kanako also adds another 3 more cute girls to the list (and obviously almost every meeting meant another ‘nose bleed’ event…)


  • Don’t know what’s the go with the Dorm Mistress – the one with the cat ears? She goes on and on for a good couple of minutes on nothing?!
  • Not enjoying the whole torture concept – it was ok in episode 1 when we first got a flavour of it, but by episode 2, the novelty of it is running dry…Just leave the poor girl alone!! It’s also worth adding that the opening sequence also put me off ~ though it definitely was fresh in style.
  • Any discussions on ‘rape’ is also a no go zone for me – whether as a joke or a serious issue of debate.
  • In terms of the art, in episode 2, aside from the key characters, everyone else is slightly blurred. I’m not sure whether that’s to highlight their insignificance but it’s annoying! Blergh! When I first saw it, I thought there was something wrong with the video file!!


mh-sorryBUT, despite the above, there was at least one thing that I liked…in two instances there was piano music that caught my attention straight away! VERY pleasant! It took me by surprise! It came up first when Maria apologised for going overboard and the second time was when Maria covers up for Kanako’s growling stomach. I even replayed the scenes to listen to it again!

The episode finished off with a hint of Kanako falling for Maria! Interesting to see what’s to come. Overall the episode was only so so but not enough to stop me from watching it. I’m looking forward to the music to come…