Edit: Oops…my crappy Japanese and just straight carelessness…the title of Shizuka’s note was actually ‘Tomorrow’ ,not ‘Yesterday’!! j1m0ne pointed this out! Thank you! She’s also explained the content of the note – kind of making me cringe!? I agree with j1m0ne that it’s almost puke material…Well here it goes…Just admit it, we like reading about their crazy stuff!! haha

Basically it says that she’s going to meet Nabatame Hitomi tomorrow (that is, today) for the first in a long time, that she’s dreaming of having a daughter etc.

And she talks about the ESI event she was involved in that she invited Naba to, and ended up kissing her ‘girlfriend’ (ie Sendai Eri) in front of her ‘darling’ (ie Naba).

Er… also goes on mention her cheating stuff life spending the New Year with Eri and exchanging text messages and talking with her on the phone til the break of dawn & going on dates with her.

But still, Shizuka says she sang Sweet Home Song (the one by Yuumao) for Naba at ESI… where the chorus’ lyrics go something like ‘I wanna be with you, near or far, I want to feel you…’ And Shizuka ends by saying that ‘Even though I can feel you though from this distance now, I can finally get to feel you nearby soon… ahhh, I want to hold you’.

Here we go again…!! Just when I was thinking things were getting a bit quiet…BANG!!

Shizuka has posted a short note, titled, Tomorrow, on her now 2 month marriage to Hitomi. Still all good! No divorce yet! haha =P

I used an online translator but it doesn’t help very much cos she’s not writing proper Japanese. From what I can make out, the whole note seems quite lovey dovey!

Can someone please help with the translation!?! We’ll all be very appreciative!!


Btw, guess what day is today?! It’s 17th January meaning it’s time for the SOEUR AUDITION!! Episode 3 of MARIMITE Season 4!! CAN’T WAIT!! AHAHA