I was SOOOO happy when I saw this!! I also couldn’t help laughing when I saw the comment: “Subbing slowly is not preferred here.” LOL Doremi Fansubs is amazing! Thank YOU!!

Despite my initial excitement, I was actually a bit disappointed with this episode. Overall I felt that it went by too quickly! Compared to the detail in the light novel, it missed many potential squealing and ‘doki-doki’ moments. The key moments that went missing that I was disappointed with:

  • Apparently Lillian tickets with Yumi’s name were highly demanded for over in Hanadera! After Hanadera’s school festival, the number of Yumi fans increased! I would have liked to see the expression on Yumi’s face on hearing this!
  • During the anime, two weird guys appeared briefly – these two were in fact Shimako’s father and…*hold your breath*…Noriko’s BOYFRIEND!! This is according to Erica’s translation but Erica has corrected me already that this was just a joke! Sorry I couldn’t tell as I’m only up to volume 8! LONG WAY to go!!
  • The moment when Yumi asks Sachiko whether she can join her later in preparing the play (cos she wants to spend some time with Touko), Sachiko was meant to be slightly surprised but it’s not really shown in the anime. It would have been good to have a close-up on Sachiko’s face showing her pause and surprise.
  • Following this same scene, as Yumi drags Touko for a walk, Touko cries out to Sachiko for help but Sachiko actually approves but not without saying she won’t forgive Yumi if she’s more than 1 minute late in getting back to her. I think that would have been a very cute moment for the Rosa Chinensis family!
  • As Touko and Yumi ran along together, Touko was meant to return Yumi’s grasp with a squeeze. Hang on – am I going insane here?! I can’t believe I just listed such a little thing!! =P Oh well…might as well!! hahaha
  • Later, after school festival, in the conversation between Sachiko and Yumi, we find out that Yumi when visiting Touko’s class had picked up a bracelet that Touko had made. *Aaaw* Another cute moment! The novel briefly explained Touko’s mixed reaction when this happened.
  • The ending of episode 2 is very similar to that of the light novel EXCEPT that in the novel, Sachiko is somewhat annoyed that Yumi is cautious about being her companion (cos Yumi keeps walking a few steps behind her) and she stresses that she wants to walk together with her. ^__________________^


BUT, despite the above disappointments, I was still over the moon to see more of Touko and Yumi! (how many times have I said this?!?) This was one of my favourite parts but I felt it was slightly wasted. It would have been PERFECT if they would just add a slight blush to Touko’s cheeks! Ooooh! It would be another PERFECT squealing moment for me! hahaha

It was also great to hear Ayako’ Kawasumi’s voice! Pity she only had a small part as Yuuko Hosokawa.

ep2-sachikoOverall, one of the key highlights was Sachiko’s:

“For me, today is just one ordinary day. Because come tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, you will still be my cute sister, Yumi.” 

OMG! Is that touching or what? So sweet! It’s no wonder Yumi started crying!

*sigh* I hope this story never ends! I think I will be so upset when I finally get to the last pages of the light novels but at the rate that I’m going, it’s going to take me another 2 years!

ep2-norshimFinally, in the upcoming episodes, I hope to see more of Noriko x Shimako and Yoshino x Rei! I kind of feel sorry for them cos the Rosa Chinesis family just keeps stealing the show! I actually REALLY like those two pairings as well. Oh well…not to worry! Episode 3 is titled “Soeur Audition” and even Noriko and Yoshino gets roped in!! YAY! Oh and Hitomi Nabatame will be voicing Yoshino’s potential soeur!! Oooh! Is that cheeky or what?! haha