mariaholic1Episode TWO of Maria Holic is OUT! Go find it at Tokyo Toshokan now!

The first time I saw this anime, I thought Matsuri (the maid) was the other protaganist in the series and it was only after watching episode 1 that I realised Kanako was the one being “tortured”. Why did they market it like that? Surely, doesn’t it make more sense for Kanako and Mariya to be on the cover shots?

I didn’t put more thought into this but after reading Erica’s review, I must agree that this anime is probably more suited to be marketed as  ‘anti-yuri’ than yuri.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out and whether I end up liking it or not. At the moment, I’m kind of…*BLANK*

Are you guys liking this one? I’ll revert after I watch episode 2…