Ok – take 2 guys! The wonderful guys at Doremi Fansubs have already released an English subbed episode 1! Check it out if you haven’t already! They have even taken the effort to sub the opening theme song into both Romanji and English. Another yay!

Now that we have English subs, I picked up a few cute moments that I had missed earlier!

s4-ep1-magicAlthough in season 3 we are constantly reminded by how well Yumi can handle Sachiko, the reverse can also be said! This moment when Sachiko says Yumi will agree to reversing the roles, I couldn’t help but crack up with the ‘magical charm’ special sound effects!! LOL Yumi is sometimes under the thumb too!! CUTE!

s4-ep1-anniversaryThen there was also Yumi fretting over how she should celebrate her 1st petit soeur anniversary with Sachiko! “She’s hard to be close with” – I couldn’t help but grin here! It’s like a headache some couple would be having! ^____^

Finally, let me correct myself from the preview post about what Yumi says that shocks Touko. Yumi had said, “Let’s go to the Drama Club. I’ll go with you.” *EVEN A BIGGER GRIN* I absolutely LOVE the interaction between Touko and Yumi in those few minutes!!

I don’t know what I was thinking but when I was watching the raw, I did not realise that Yumi was trying to follow Touko back to the Drama Club! haha Now it all makes sense!! SO KAWAII!!


Then Yumi’s scream from across the grass was ANOTHER classic! By this time, I had my pillow in front of me in an attempt to hide my crazy squeals of excitement!! LOL


I’m now also completely into the closing theme song!! Please enjoy my preview rip here!

Thanks to the hard work of Doremi, I now understand the lyrics and they are so fitting to the sequence!! It’s also very suggestive of the relationship between Touko and Yumi. I love it! Kudos again to Oyuki Konno for her lyrics!

The streets are colored with the lonely winter scenery

I think about your back moving further and further away

Right now, our crystal of life getting misty

The space between the two of us is a transparent square

The window glass, the window glass

Has become cloudy and I cannot see you anymore

But I know you are still there

Are you laughing or are you crying?

Even if you are frowning, I still want to see your face

I want you to wipe this glass clean with me.

I can’t help but post this pic. It was a complete JAW DROP moment for me when I saw it! Yuri in the Gigantea family has always been so subtle (well aside from Sei’s little side story)!! This was definitely a gift to us yuri fans!! Amazing art!

Now I can’t wait for episode 2! How will Sachiko and Yumi celebrate their anniversary together?!?! Oooh! I’m hoping for more moments of squealing!!! LOL