WOW WOW WOW!!! I can’t get over this!? I have episode 1 in front of me! If only I could understand Japanese! LOL

A few things that caught my eye:

  • The character designs are very consistent to the OVAs except that they seem to be using the colours of the earlier seasons i.e more pastel-y…(if there was such a word). I like this as I had though the colour scheme used in the OVAs were a little bold. I’m happy!!
  • The opening theme was fresh and uplifting and FUN! That’s it! It was more action filled and we could see the three 2nd years dashing around the school grounds. The music is a nice change to the previous angelic and choir predecessors. 
  • As for the ending theme….”Woah!! Isn’t it getting a bit hot in here!!?” LOL Check it out for yourself!  Although the opening sequence is nice, the closing is even better!! YURI to the MAX!! AHAHA


I read some summaries of the novels so have a brief idea of what’s meant to be coming. For a more detailed translation of the light novel chapter that basically covered this episode, visit here. Brief overview…


The term starts at Lillian and the Yamayurikai is having lunch together. It’s the school festival soon and Sachiko has suggested Torikaebaya Monogatari as the school play. The story involves a pair of twins and it becomes obvious that only Yumi does not know where this is heading. Yuki and HER will have to play the main roles!

Aside from most of the Yamayurikai members, the cast also includes the guys from the boys’ school nearby and Kanako and Touko…Now damn…I’m stuck…there’s so much narrating from Yumi!!!! Aaaargh!! Boo! Anyway, in the last minute, Sachiko decides to gender switch all the roles so the guys play a girl and the girls play a guy.

Yumi later finds out from Noriko that Touko has been kicked out of the Drama Club. The entire Yamayurikai eventually decides that for the sake of Touko, it was better for her to leave their production and go back to her club. Yumi was appointed as the messenger.

s4-touko-yumiYumi confronts Touko and points out that it is not a holiday for the Drama Club today  – according to the schedule, they are practising today. Touko retaliates that it is just a holiday for her then. She then admits to Yumi that the rumour that she has been kicked out is true. “It’s boring.” Yumi answers back, “You’re a liar. You like performing. How can it boring?” Touko eventually explains that she had a brief argument with a senpai in the club which ended with her leaving. At the time she was playing a lead role. Yumi is very excited hearing this (despite the fact that she herself is also doing a leading role…haha).


Halfway through the conversation, I think Yumi urges Touko to return to the Drama Club and said “I will be here for you”. This is what I THINK she says based off the novels. ^___^


Touko is also shocked when Yumi grabs her hand. *BIG GRIN*

If you read the translated light novels over at Okazu, the dialogue would highlight to you that Yumi is into Touko!! HOHOHO Love this episode!

HAHA Basically there’s truckloads of Yumi x Touko moments with sprinklings of Sachiko! Who could complain? I figured I”ll close the post with this…HAHA I’m grinning again! Someone stop me!! haha What did you guys think??