MakiMaki Scanlations is giving us all a new year present!! Today they released chapter 18 of the yuri manga!! I’m about to read it…can’t wait!!!

Just as a reminder, I’ve posted the last page of chapter 17…


Edit: Just read chapter 18 – when I got to the last page, I was like, “WHAT THE….!?!?!” Aaaargh! How can Morinaga do this to us!?! To make things worse, it looks like they’re skipping the January publication! The next chapter won’t be out till 22 February!! Waaaah! It’s going to be a long wait guys!! But, I have something that will make me feel better…I’ve ordered volume 1 of Girl Friends! I can’t wait to get it! *BIG GRIN*

On a more serious note, I honestly think that Morinaga’s portrayal of both girls is quite realistic. What Maria is doing might seem silly and immature, but I believe if you were in her shoes, you’d probably be doing the same thing. For those who have read chapter 18, I can’t wait to see how Akko will react! What is she going to do? Is she ever going to realise her own feelings and face Maria eye to eye? I hope that moment will come up soon!!~