Some of you have probably heard about this anime already – Maria†Holic. Hands up if you are going to watch it? hahaha I’m not so sure myself. The story is a bit…let’s just say…weird…LOL

Kanako (the one in the circle) is a new student to the all girls’ school. She has problems dealing with guys – upon touching them, she’ll break out with a skin rash. She’s attending the school in hoping to meet a true love. On the first day, she meets Maria-san (far right) who she falls in love with straight away. She thinks she looks pretty, cute and basically perfect. She is popular amongst the other students too. BUT Kanako soon finds out that she is actually a guy!! Not only does he cross-dresses but unlike his kind facade, his true character is actually much harsher – he has a sadistic streak in him.

This anime is based off the manga which is still ongoing having already gone through 3 volumes. You can check out the manga here.

The first episode was out on 26 December and has ALREADY been subbed!! There are some seriously amazing people out there! When I was first writing this draft, it was still just the raw that was available but by the time I finished, a subbed file was already uploaded!! All thanks to the subbing team!! You can watch Maria Holic Episode 1 here!

I haven’t decided whether I will follow this one. I think I will try out the manga first…anyone know much more about this anime? I don’t really know where the story is going to take us…