We’re finally at the end! The drama recovered in the second half and finished off with a 15.1% viewership rating in its finale episode! 

il-ep10-aKanon calls Yoji and thanks him for looking after her all this time. “Without you, I would not have lived till now. It is all because of you that I had the chance to meet Junya.” Yoji could not help but cry.

We then have Junya encouraging Subaru to marry Kiyoka. He hopes that one day, the four of them could get together and share their happiness. As Junya walks away, Subaru struggles but decides to confess his feelings. “I have liked someone since a long time ago. It’s already been 10 years but the other person does not know about it. The person is not Kiyoka. I have never loved Kiyoka like how you loved her. There is someone else I like.”

il-ep10-bAt this point, Junya asks who is this person that you like. Subaru could not bring himself to say and it just tells him to forget they had this conversation and walks away. Hiroki’s acting here is fairly spot on but I would have liked to see even more of the internal agony that he was suffering. By now, I also think that Yujin’s acting has definitely improved. There was reasonable interaction between the two in that scene. After the conversation, Junya is slightly out of sorts.

il-ep10-cThen we have crazy biatch no. 1 standing on the balcony edge – she’s crying (but who gives a shit!?!). As we all know, she jumps and crazy Junya runs off to save her and ends up being her landing mat (with the addition of a pool of blood on the side). We see him lying in the hospital – he has been unconscious for 3 days now. While he lies there, Subaru decides to continue where he left off with his “there’s someone I love” conversation. He says the person is “you”. He was initially planning to go to Paris and never return but he changed his mind. Now, he just wants to stay by his side. Hiroki, I reckon, is portraying his character quite well but is simply incomparable to Juri’s Ruka in Last Friends! Why? Beats me?! I could feel a trickle of Subaru’s pain but with Ruka, it was like it was happening to myself! LOL Must be Juri’s superb acting! ^____^ Anyway, getting back on track – his confession is worthless – Junya does not awake. Grrr….

il-ep10-dOops…sorry I take that back. In the next shot, he’s sitting upright but of course thinks can’t get too easy on poor Maki! Junya’s lost his memory from the brain damage and he’s in a wheelchair, unresponsive and generally seems to need help for everything. He’s like Kiyoka when she first awoke. 

Ikeda goes off to find Yoji at this work place. He tells him that he has quit his job and is now working as a free lance. He can now choose what he wants to write. He asks for Yoji’s permission to once again, write about their story – titled ‘After the Event’. He wants to write a story of people not giving up on hope and striving their hardest to live their life. They finish off their meeting with “regardless of what happens, one must live on”.

il-ep10-eNext we have Mizuki visiting Junya. Kanon had invited her to talk to Junya and help him regain his memory. Though Kanon has been talking to Junya everyday and looking at past pictures, the time they spent together was too short. Mizuki understands and goes through some old photos with him. But when Mizuki tried to hold his hand, he abruptly shook it away and even wheels himself away from her. Kanon walks in and places her hands on his shoulders. Mizuki realises that it is pointless for her to compete with Kiyoka or Kanon. “I have known Junya since we were 5 so I never thought I would lose to either Kiyoka or you. However, all that time means nothing. You will share a future together with Junya. I really envy you.” She finally sees the light.

 Btw, crazy bitch no. 1 survived the fall…but who cares…let’s move onto the more important stuff…

il-ep10-fYoji is at the church and confesses to the pastor that all this time, he has not been able to wholeheartedly wish his sister happiness. Everytime he wants to pass on his good wishes, other thoughts will arise to disturb him. I guess he still had a bit of sister complex in him. However, right at this moment, from the bottom of his heart, he just wants his sister to be happy.

Kanon and Junya is out and he pauses as they pass by a person selling balloons. For the first time since the incident he speaks and says “Kiyoka” (DAMN HIM!!!). Then when they return home, he walks off himself like normal for the first time and keeps calling for Kiyoka as he enters the room in which she used to stay in. Seriously, how upsetting must Kanon feel!?! The same thing happens the following morning. Kanon is cooking breakfast and asks Junya to sit and wait. He says “how about Kiyoka?” – this time, Kanon actually pauses. Suddenly, even I feel like we travelled back in time to the point when Kanon used to be living in the house to help look after Kiyoka. I just hope Junya will remember Kanon soon….*sigh*

il-ep10-iKanon realises that Junya only has Kiyoka on his mind. He calls Subaru to ask for a favour – “I just want Junya to be happy”. Subaru agrees. We see Kanon leaving Junya’s house and shortly after Kiyoka arrives. Junya smiles (oh and her too). Honestly, at this stage, I feel like I’m seeing two loonies!?! They’ve both got the goofy look on their face. W-E-I-R-D!! I feel like knocking out Junya on the head!! Aaaargh! Anyway, they’re happily gazing at each other until a gust of wind (how handy) blows the music sheet of the piece that Junya composed for Kanon falls at their feet. Kiyoka picks it up and asks Junya to play it. He stumbles at first but eventually gets better – it’s almost like they’re hinting that he’s regaining his memory (one can only hope). While they’re enjoying their reunion, Kanon is alone at the church. She’s obviously in pain.

il-ep10-jAND MY WISH IS GRANTED! As he plays the final notes of the piece, Kanon’s voice echoes in his head “and this is the piece that you composed for me”. He then also remembers the painful look on her face as she left her just prior to his reunion with Kiyoka. He awakes and rushes off to find Kanon…AND then Utada’s music kicks in!! YAY While he’s running, flashbacks of all the memories appear before him. He eventually finds her sitting outside the church. They embrace and finish with a light kiss.

Aaah! I’m so exhausted from typing this post! I’ll leave my views till later! Enjoy!! MERRY christmas people!!