Yoji did not attend Kanon and Junya’s wedding, using work as an excuse. Before the wedding started, Kanon called Yoji and express her gratitude – “it was only because of you that I was able to meet Junya”. Kanon’s words brought tears to Yoji’s eyes.

At the wedding, Junya sees Subaru who is holding onto flight tickets – he will be travelling with Kiyoka. Subaru also tells Junya that Kiyoka can now walk and sing, much to his surprise. Junya asks whether he will marry Kiyoka – Subaru does not answer. Junya also asks “I wonder when can the four us spend some time together?” As Junya walks away, Subaru could not withhold his emotions anymore – “I never loved Kiyoka”. This disturbs and confuses Junya. Subaru leaves after saying “I will be responsible for Kiyoka”. 

Kanon can sense Junya acting strangely but is reassured by his smile. After a while, Junya notices that Kiyoka is standing on the balcony above the courtyard. She takes a look at Junya and steps forward, jumping off the balcony. As Junya sees this, he runs forward in an attempt to catch her. He fails and instead suffers a shock to the head leaving a pool of blood on the ground. Kanon runs forward and shouts his name…

Again, all thanks goes to 司马万千 over at BTPIG for translating the preview! Btw, episode 10 will be the finale for Innocent Love!! COUNTDOWN TIME!

In all seriousness, I can’t stand the Kiyoka story angle…Argh! I just want a happy ending for Kanon x Junya!