il-ep9-aKanon returns to Nagono and goes to visit her brother – “Why have you been lying all this time? You didn’t do it.” Kanon claims to remember everything after seeing Ikeda’s article. “I had killed father.” Yoji insists that her memory is muddled and that she’s wrong. She agrees that her memory is messed up, to the point that she did not even remember what her father had done to her…She thinks it was unforgiveable for her to have pushed all the punishment onto her brother. All this time, she has been saved while her brother has been protecting her. 

il-ep9-bMizuki goes to visit Junya and finds that he is packing stuff and preparing to leave for Nagano. “Why do you have to go all the way to Nagano to find her?” Not too long after that – crazy biatch no. 2 appears (the first was Kiyoka!)!! She goes off to lock Junya in the room and goes off to pour herself a cup of tea (in a very scary way)!?! What the heck? *shakes my head* She goes on to say that Junya is too naive and does not realise that people can be evil at times – that’s why he was betrayed by Kiyoka. “Poor Junya. But I’m very happy because I have a sinful heart.” She passes him the article which reaffirms his intention to go to Nagano. “She has no-one. I have to go to her.” Mizuki even threatens Junya that she could lock him up for 10 days without food and kill him. Junya says there’s no reason for her to do this but she argues otherwise. It is only then that Junya realises that Mizuki had liked him all this time.


She eventually unlocks the door. Just when we think Junya has a chance to dash, she starts taking off her clothes!! WHAT!?! Don’t worry. Our Junya has good self control. He holds her tight but then puts her jacket back on says “sorry”. He then rushes off to Kanon.

On the otherhand, Kanon has called Ikeda and tells him that it’s her that killed her parents. She begs him to correct the article. 


She returns home and who does she find on her doorstep!? Hahaha I wouldn’t mind a Junya on my doorstep either! =P But Kanon is shocked and terrified. “Leave me alone. I’m very dirty.” (No you’re not! LOL) Junya is of course very supportive but she still pushes him away. “I will wait. I will keep waiting.”

(Geez…the trailer only just came up! I’m being too detailed!?! Aaaah This is going to take me forever..!!! @_@) 

It’s been over a day and Junya is still waiting outside Kanon’s apartment. Then on the 2nd night, he plays the music from the piano music box and asks Kanon whether she’s every really thought about the lyrics. He says, “it doesn’t matter what the person I like does, I can still accept and forgive. If this world was in complete darkness, I still want to protect that person.” (Quick! Someone get me a Junya! LOL Btw, he could actually be speaking in 3rd person here…a bit unclear) Of course – no-one could ignore something like that. Kanon lets him in.

il-ep9-fBefore she could even say anything – he takes her hand and says “regardless of what you say, I will not be surprised or shocked.” Another *sigh* moment. ^_^

We finally get to hear the truth – or at least her memories. She had abused more than once and her brother tried to stop her father. Her mother knew about it but pretended to know nothing. Younger Kanon could act normal in the daytime but when it reached nighttime, she would dread it and wish her father did not exist. She held a knife and waited. She finally admits killing her father. As a result, she cannot possibly receive happiness. Junya says she has her right to happiness. “I will not let go of your hand. I will hold onto it until you can feel its warmth and happiness. I will stay by your side.” 

il-ep9-gLater in the night, Yoji attacks Junya (who had Kanon snuggled up close ^_^) with a knife. In the process, Kanon’s memory is revived and the ‘real’ truth is revealed. Young Kanon had raised the knife at her father but she was stopped by Yoji. Her brother then took the knife and tried to attack his father but the mother stepped in at the wrong time and was killed. In the rest of the fight, the father was also accidentally stabbed. It is quite an emotional moment when the brother finally reveals the truth and we are clear that the gave away his life and freedom to protect Kanon.

il-ep9-hHe then tries to kill himself (I’m like WTF??) but is stopped by Junya. Yoji had done this all for Kanon. He cannot forgive his father for what he did. He was in pain for killing his mother but it couldn’t be helped. He does not regret what he did, including the 7 yrs he spent in gaol. Kanon is his everything. But his mission has now finished. There is nothing left in his future. Only death awaits. Junya persuades him to live – for the sake of Kanon. “If you die, she cannot possibly be happy. It is enough for you to live.” (I really cried here – just a little – for Yoji. It’s such a sad/touching moment).

il-ep9-jThen we rush ahead for a few months and hear news that Kanon & Junya are getting married! Woah! A bit quick, eh!? But they look pretty damn good!! Just when we think things are all going well, crazy biatch no. 1 is back! For some stupid reason, Kiyoka gets hold of the old photo album and suddenly all her feelings for Junya are revived?! What’s this with memories and love supressed?! Aargh!! Anyway, she makes her way to the church. She is in tears as she sees Junya with Kanon. 

Then the preview for episode 10 is absolutely SHOCKING!! It’s a big WHAT THE…!?!?! One picture says it all!!