il-aKanon leaves Junya for her hometown, Nagoya. The reason behind her leaving was because of the publication of that incident. The article published was the original draft that Ikeda had been working on. Kanon wanted to see Yoji and tell him that she remembers what happened 6 years ago. She also plans to tell the prisoner officer that it was her that killed her parents. Yoji insisted it’s not true. When Yoji got hold of the article, he trembled with rage.

At the same time, Junya was preparing to make his way to Nagoya to find Kanon. Mizuki finds out and locks Junya in his room. Junya tells her not to do such childish things. She replies very bluntly “have you never thought about that people can at times do terrible acts?” – she also passes him the article on Kanon.

Junya is shocked by the article but insists on seeing Kanon. He also tells Mizuki that Kanon has no friends so he must go and find her. Hearing this, Mizuki finally reveals the suppressed affection she has for him.

Later on, Kanon manages to find Ikeda and tells him that it was her that killed this parents and requests him to publish this…