Subaru says that going forward, he will look after Kiyoka and says that he does love her. At this point, Junya accepts the situation and says “then Kiyoka will be happy” and hangs up. Does Subaru really love Kiyoka? I don’t think so…

On the otherhand, Mr. Reporter is still pushing the doctor into revealing Kanon’s past. He basically silently admits that  Mr. Reporter’s hunch is right – that Kanon was sexually assaulted by her father. The doctor says that even Kanon has forgotten about – he should just leave her alone. If he reported on her past, who knows what kind of distress she would bear? Mr. Reporter disagrees. By pretending that the past did not happen, will that save her?

il-ep8-aApparently, when Mr. Reporter was younger, he caused the death of someone he was trying to report on. At the time, he was trying to interview a girl who was being bullied at school. He could tell she was hiding something but did not persist with his investigation. It turns out the girl had been raped but did not tell anyone. Mr. Reporter only knew about the truth after she died. The parents had picked up on some clues but pretended to know nothing. He had done the same thing – he was guilty too. The truth will come and take revenge on people. The doctor agrees that this may be true but the truth must be handled with great care.

Ikeda (the reporter – ha! I finally realised what his name was! =P) calls Kanon and leaves her a voicemail – “I have discovered something about your past. Before I report it, I wish to speak to you.” While Kanon was awake in bed thinking over what Ikeda had said, she hears a sound outside. It turns out the Junya was awake and sat next to Kiyoka’s old bed. He had woken up automatically, without an alarm, as it was the usual time when he had to change Kiyoka’s sleeping position. He loses his mind and throws everything around. Kanon, hurt to see him so upset walks over and tries to comfort him but he just walks away. 

The following day, Junya is at church and Mizuki asks how Kiyoka is doing. Junya says he has sent her to a rehab centre – why? Because he’s tired and given her condition is getting more serious (he’s lying…), he can no longer look after her. The pastor asks, “Is that true? Didn’t you say that it is impossible for you to let someone else care for her?” He did think that in the past but…he tries to list all the troubles of looking after Kiyoka but as he does that he starts worrying whether she is being well looked after. He goes to find her but sees that Subaru is treating her well and she is happy so he leaves.

il-ep8-cKanon is doing the housework at ‘home’ when Mizuki visits. She is shocked that Kanon is staying with Junya and initially accuses Kanon of persuading Junya to send Kiyoka away. Mizuki used to hate Kiyoka but seeing the way Junya is now, even though Kiyoka has gone, she cannot feel happy. Junya returns and Mizuki asks him whether Kiyoka left because she did not like the idea of Kanon living under the same roof. She soon leaves as she senses the awkwardness in the room. Kanon also agrees that there is no longer a reason for her to stay given Kiyoka has gone. Junya initially tries to argue but soon gives up. 

il-ep8-dKanon goes to visit Subaru who admits that it is for the sake of Junya’s happiness that he will persevere and look after Kiyoka. At first Kanon is confused. Subaru says he must free Junya away from Kiyoka. He might be in pain now, but its for the best.

Kanon goes home and sees Junya in the kitchen. He has taken leave from attending Sunday school. Seeing him depressed, Kanon urges him to go with her for a walk outside. Eventually, a somewhat forced smile appears on his face. Kanon claims that a good method to make oneself feel better is to watch a horror movie. The shock from the horror will take away the pain. Another good way is delicious food. But while she goes off to buy some crepes, Junya’s attention is taken away by a little girl holding a red balloon. His thoughts flies back to the past when Kiyoka had said that she liked balloons very much but they always flew away. Junya painfully cries.

Kanon finally finds and asks him why is he there but pauses as she sees his face. She can see his tears. To make it worse, Junya asks “why do you have to be here? Why do you have to treat me so nicely? I don’t understand. I do not understand what you are thinking.” He then walks away. 

il-ep8-eWhile at home, Junya is about to burn all the pictures of him and Kiyoka but is stopped by Kanon. “There’s no meaning anymore. There’s no love. I don’t want to see  them again.” As a result, Kanon says she’ll temporarily keep them for him so that he can look at them if he suddenly wants to. She then goes off to say she has no family photos as they were burnt in the fire and that all memories were lost. She encourages him that one day he will meet someone he likes, get married and become a good father. Then many years after, he will think of the time he spent with Kiyoka – the time when he loved her so much. Junya is curious why Kanon thinks in such a way – “that’s how I see it”. She also insists that there isn’t ‘no love’ between Kiyoka and Junya – she says it isn’t possible for people not to fall for Junya when they are with him. (AAaaaaw!!! hahaha)

Back over at Subaru’s place, it seems that Kiyoka has either forgotten who Junya is or she refuses to say his name. Subaru has decided to look after her his whole life but he cannot forgive her losing all memory of Junya (I’m like – move on, man! Big WOOP! Well that’s just me…) 

After the touching scene between Kanon and Junya, he seems to recover and even starts composing music, which he had done before Kiyoka’s incident. Kanon suggests that he should record the music and send it to Kiyoka as this is music inspired by her recovery. He objects as he says the music is written because of her! (*jaw drop* moment…) He whole heartedly thanks her for having supported him all this time. 

il-ep8-fThe following morning, he insists on lending her money to help her brother. She can return it later little by little. He also makes a final request that she stays at his place. ^_^ (why not?)

Now off to Mr. Reporter world again…he’s struggling to decide whether to report the truth or not and eventually decides to leave it. BUT! Ikeda merely ripped his draft into a few pieces and threw them in a bin which of course is picked up by some other dickhead reporter. We know where this will take us…*sigh*

il-ep8-gKanon sees the article and what is revealed is a shocker! I won’t tell you but all I wanted to say was “HOLY COW!” when I watched it myself. Can’t be good!!

Kanon decides to leave Junya and heads back to her hometown. Her letter says ‘Sorry for giving you so much trouble. Thank you very much. Good bye.’

OOOHh! Next episode looks like it will be climax for Kanon x Junya’s relationship!!! Let’s hope the drama hits a new high on the ratings!!