OMG!! EVERYONE!! The promotional video clip of season 4 has been released! Quick and catch a glimpse of what’s to come in January 2009!! Ooooh! Touko x Yumi x Sachiko!! I LIKE!! They even snuck in a small cliff hanger!! How dare they!! hahahahahaha

Btw, in season 4, there is the introduction of a few new characters that are particularly worth mentioning (if you don’t know already)!!

  • Nana Arima voiced by Hitomi Nabatame! Nana is Yoshino’s potential petite soeur and who better to do the role other than Hitomi herself (who also plays Eriko)!! What a choice! Love Hitomi! No complaints from me!
  • Shouko Naitou voiced by Marina Inoue – she’s Tsutako’s little fan!! CUTE!
  • Yuuko Hosokawa voiced by Ayako Kawasumi! One of my favourite seiyuu!! 

Almost all my favourite seiyuu are here!!! Another reason for me to be so excited!!! HO HO HO!!