0I was happily reading volume 8 of the Maria-sama ga Miteru light novel series and soon arrived at the scene where Yumi and Sei are in the classroom. Sei is jokingly asking for a kiss from Yumi.

It is parts like these where the anime fails to capture the thoughts of the character. I’m DEFINITELY not complaining about the anime as I felt that the scene was beautifully made. An absolutely moving moment. However, after reading that part of the book, I had a better understanding of what Yumi felt at the time. It is a precious bit of detail that I think all fans of the series should know. 

SO, I have tried to translate that part into English ~ Chapter 1: Will ~ Farewell part 3. However, a word of warning, as I’m reading a Chinese translated copy, some of the meaning might be lost in the translation (twice). I will definitely try my best particularly for the important bits! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. ^_^

Yumi, after seeing Katsura and the other classmates, suddenly had an urge to see Rosa Gigantea.

Although she didn’t expect anyone to be there, Yumi made her way to the third year’s classroom and to her surprise, there was Rosa Gigantea!

From what she heard, third years on the day before graduation day only attend school to listen to the arrangements for the following day and leaves soon after that. As proof of this, by 1pm today, there was only one third year student left in the classroom.

It did not appear that Rosa Gigantea had anything that required holding her back in the classroom. She did not sit on a seat but was just standing there, in her own world, with a finger touching the table.

“Did you forget something?”

Although it didn’t look to be the case, Yumi still asked.

The bag filled with Rosa Gigantea’s lost items that they had found in the Rose Mansion yesterday was now sitting on it’s own on the desk – like a surprise bag that has already been opened expressing a sense of loneliness. 

“Ah, Yumi.”

Rosa Gigantea sees Yumi and waves her to come over.

In general, one tends to feel a bit apprehensive when entering someone else’s classroom, let alone a third year’s. But Yumi followed the call and stepped in.

“Sorry but let’s close the door” said Rosa Gigantea as she pointed to the door. Is it because it was cold or was it to prevent those outside the classroom to know someone was inside? It didn’t really matter that she was going to be alone with another girl in an enclosed classroom so Yumi just followed the instructions. 

Rosa Gigantea sat on the desk looking at the ceiling as she flicked her hair back awkwardly. 

“I wanted to say goodbye to the classroom so spent some time in the library and waited till most people would have gone before coming back…you can laugh if you want.”

However, Yumi did not laugh – this seemed to be out of character for Rosa Gigantea but an observor has no right to decide on what’s considered to be appropriate to a person’s personality. Although Rosa Gigantea often appeared playful and silly, there are times when she can also be quite serious – or should we call her a romanticist. 

“Once my mind crosses on the idea of leaving this place tomorrow, I can’t help but feel depressed. In the past, graduations always seemed to be a necessary stage in our lives – nothing to be too concerned about.” This time round, it appears Rosa Gigantea’s perception has differed. 

Yumi asked, “Is it to do with leaving Lillian?”

Rosa Gigantea returned a strange expression on her face and just as Yumi was wondering whether she said something she shouldn’t have, Rosa Gigantea stretched a big smile on her face. 

“It’s because I have gone through many things.”

“Many things?”

“Like the happy moments and painful moments. The three years I have spent in upper high school is the most unforgettable experience I have had so far in my life.”

Rosa Gigantea was staying alone in the classroom, reminiscing her past with Shiori and the experiences she had with the Yamayurikai. Yumi was taken aback by Rosa Gigantea’s emotions and could not help but feel painfully depressed.

“Rosa Gigantea! I…”

From not too far away from where Rosa Gigantea was, Yumi slammed her hands onto the table. Her sudden movement shocked and jolted Rosa Gigantea.

“What’s, what’s wrong, Yumi?”

Yumi was self-criticizing herself for frightening Rosa Gigantea but couldn’t help but notice Rosa Gigantea’s expression – one that she hasn’t seen before. This is not right – it isn’t the time to be thinking such things…

“Is there anything I can do?”

Yumi thought that if she wanted help on any favours or promises, then now was the only time to ask.

“Something that Yumi can do? What do you mean?”

“Something that you want me to do, wish for me to do or even a promise to keep.”

“What is the meaning of this?”

Rosa Gigantea casually asked and laughed despite Yumi being so serious. Such a response was just inappropriate.

“It can be anything – like maybe in relation to Shimako or Lunch…no I mean Goronto…there must be at least one thing?”

Yumi asked – earnestly thinking that there must be at least something.

“There’s nothing.”


“There is actually nothing. I have nothing that I want Yumi to help me on. Goronto has grown up so even if no-one feeds him he will be fine. If it cannot live on its own, then it does not have the quality of a undomesticated cat.”

Rosa Gigantea, very strangely, gave a very cold answer. She was saying, even if there was just one person left, it did not mean that one could not go on living. 

“Furthermore, even if I didn’t ask, Yumi is unlikely to ignore any dangers that come by Shimako’s way. Even if it will bring you trouble, for the sake of Shimako, I’m sure you will jump in to  save her. So, in this place where pure friendship exists, there’s no need for me to do any further.”

Rosa Gigantea says this as she touches Yumi’s head.

“If Yumi was the type that would only help Shimako because I asked, then I would not ask you to help her.”

Yumi actually understood Rosa Gigantea.

“But I wish to do something for Rosa Gigantea.”

“As a farewell to me?”

Rosa Gigantea jumps down from the table and does a lazy stretch.

“I guess that makes sense…how about, can I ask you to have a lip on lip kiss with me?”


Yumi moves away quickly as she sees Rosa Gigantea approaching with a serious look on her face. It is because you cannot tell when she is joking or not that makes it scary.

“Hey, you want to run off? Didn’t you say it could be anything?”

I’m so dead. Rosa Gigantea already has her hands on my shoulders and is now using her fingers to lift up my chin. This image is exactly like a scene from a foreign movie.

“Yumi, close your eyes.”

The deep set features of a face that did not resemble a Japanese gradually moved closer.

(What a pretty face…)

Yumi, who was mesmerized by the beauty suddenly realised, am I not the leading actress of this scene?

My lips are in danger!


Yumi suddenly cried out. It would have made more sense to stay ‘stop’ or ‘times up’ but she could only say the first word in her mind. 

With the opposing actress having suddenly cried ‘cut’, Rosa Gigantea, as if she has been put under spell, paused for a second. This really was a scene from a movie – in any case, Yumi took the chance in front of her and ran.


Because Yumi was only thinking of escaping from Rosa Gigantea’s embrace, she did not actually think of the direction she was running to. She ended up running towards the windows and wanted to turn around but was stopped by Rosa Gigantea. She had no choice and could only do a left 90 degree turn towards the back of the classroom and did another left turn at the storage cupboard, arriving at the back door of the classroom. 

“I cannot possibly graduate with the regret of not having kissed Yumi!”

Rosa Gigantea did not chase after Yumi but was still standing where she was a moment ago. With her body facing the windows, she turns around to say ‘good bye’.

That must have been a joke. It was very much Rosa Gigantea’s character to make fun of Yumi.

With the light from the sunset shining into the classroom, the shadow of Rosa Gigantea provoked a feeling of solitude. Yumi understood then that it was actually her that was feeling lonely. Rosa Gigantea is probably the first and last senpai she will ever meet where she can interact with such casualness and ease. The affection that Yumi has for Rosa Gigantea is unlike the emotional admiration she has for Sachiko-sama. If there was a machine that could calculate abstract qualities such as, likes and compatibility of personalities, Rosa Gigantea and Yumi would surely have a pleasing result. 

“What’s wrong?”

Rosa Gigantea couldn’t help but ask as Yumi was already standing by the door, but had not left.

That’s right – what’s wrong?

Yumi didn’t know why, but she did not want to leave the classroom leaving behind Rosa Gigantea like this.

What should I do?

“If you don’t hurry off, I will attack you again!”

Yumi looked at the smiling and playful Rosa Gigantea and under her breath muttered “this is not good”.

Now she is starting to regret why she ran off. If Rosa Gigantea had not been joking and was in fact being serious, then it would be true that her lips would be attacked. However, the scarier thing is that, thinking about it now, it no longer seemed so unacceptable. 

Why do I feel like this?

This is not good – not good at all.

Maybe to Rosa Gigantea, it is no more that just a hello. Yumi asks herself – “if it is just a light kiss, then it should be ok, right?”

This is dangerous – such a thought is just too dangerous.

“What are you thinking about?”

What am I thinking? Thinking about the kiss – how can I possibly say that out loud?

No matter how you see it, this is Yumi’s first kiss so a kiss on the lips is a big ask.

Yumi gently lowered her hand that had been resting on the door handle.

It’s only the lips! But they are the lips…


Yumi clenched both her fists tightly.

(Yumi! This means you will be two timing!)

As the image of Yoshino-san scolding her appeared in the back of her mind, Yumi made her way forward through the desks.


Yumi aimed for the spot next to Rosa Gigantea’s lips, tip toed a little then moved forward to leave a kiss.

To Yumi, the extent of her action was just right.


Yumi embarrassingly did a quick turn but Rosa Gigantea had caught onto her arm and lightly pulled Yumi into an embrace. 

“Although I did not have anything to say, I am so glad that I met you.”


Maybe Rosa Gigantea was also embarrassed but the two remained in their positions, with their faces away from each other as she continued to speak…

“I could never really get along with the ordinary girls of my age but after I met Yumi, it’s the first time in my life that I felt some admiration towards ordinary girls.”


Yumi cannot help but think she heard wrong. She cannot believe someone like Rosa Gigantea with such looks, intelligence, and articulate skills; a superstar admired by many underclassmen, would admire an ordinary high school life. However, as she remembers Shiori’s story, Yumi realises the harsh realities of a life full of ups and downs.

“During my third year, I changed for the better. I now find myself living a very carefree life. Although there were many influences that changed me to be the way I am now, Yumi played a very large role. So what Yumi has given me, is more than just a kiss.”

“I haven’t done…”

Yumi was confused and pulled away from Rosa Gigantea, looking up to her who then flicked her lightly on the forehead, saying…

“Listen carefully! You are the reason why I became a uni student!”

“You’re lying!”

“It’s true. It was after seeing you that I wanted to be a uni student!”


“It’s honestly true and it happened just late this year. Time had run out and I had missed the deadline to submit the application for priority students. As a result, I had no choice but to compete alongside the outside applicants. Aaah, I’ve already mentioned this, haven’t I?”

It was old news that Rosa Gigantea only started preparing for the university entrance exams this year but completely unheard of to hear that it was myself that had influenced her into changing her mind.

“What should I do…?”

If that’s the case then has she been burdened by a heavy responsibility? To be part of a person’s decision at one of their crossroads in life is so crushing that she wants to avoid listening and forget the entire incident.

But Rosa Gigantea actually said “it’s ok to do nothing” and that “even if one is influenced by someone, the ultimate decision lies with themselves.”

“So Yumi, bring out your self-confidence as you are admired by such a great person like me!”

Rosa Gigantea patted on her back. Yumi, how did you end up getting encouraged by a person that was about to graduate?

“Reporting has finished. Salute.”

After Rosa Gigantea did a quick nod of appreciation, she turned Yumi around so that she faced the door.

“Yumi, I really love you. To be able to have such fun with you has been my blessing. There were many occasions when I wished I could become Yumi.”

Then, like a rocket without a countdown and with elegant control, Rosa Gigantea pushed Yumi towards the door where she then stopped.

“I think you have said ‘I love you’ to everyone before.”

Yumi turned around and tried asking with which Rosa Gigantea answered with:


I guessed correctly. Although Rosa Gigantea answered with no hesitation, it was impossible for anyone to be angry. It didn’t matter whether she has said ‘I love you’ to others – it could not change how much affection Yumi felt for Rosa Gigantea.

“Thank you for your kiss.”

Rosa Gigantea said that as Yumi prepared to leave.

“That was nothing. It was for your farewell.”

This and the fact that Yumi won’t be able to see as much of Rosa Gigantea after her graduation was the overwhelming force behind her decision to make this her farewell gift to her.

“That would be right..”

Rosa Gigantea nodded agreeingly.

“By the way, Yumi, do you know which university I will be attending?”


Yumi, liked the classroom door, had her mouth half opened, asked with a blank look on her face.

“That’s ok. Let’s leave it. I was going to ask whether Yumi was afraid to hear the university name as she would feel like her favourite Rosa Gigantea was being taken away by the university.”

“You seriously think very highly of yourself.”

Yumi scoffed a laugh then closed the door behind her.

Really Rosa Gigantea – she has such sharp perception.

She had guessed exactly what I was thinking.

WOAH! That was one hell of a translation! I think hours wise – I must have spent a good 4 or 5 hours? It is honestly very tricky to translate the text into English as the language structure is so different – and the use of terms! I was constantly using the thesaurus! haha Must say that my limited vocab didn’t help. =P Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. I’d say it is about 80-90% accurate. I could have simplified it at times but I was hoping to relay the full image.

This is probably one of my favourite parts in the book – at least so far. If I come across other similar chapters, I might do this again (if there’s enough interest)!! I honestly sincerely hope that you enjoy this. I tried very hard! >_<