Tanjoobi omedetoo!! She has just turned 28!!! Congratulations!!

baku_miko040You don’t know her?! How can that be? She is the long time ‘friend’ of Hitomi Nabatame!!

They have an interesting relationship…trust me. You HAVE to read this if you haven’t already!

The two of them have a radio show together and they will be releasing a CD later this month that will apparently record their ‘marriage ceremony’! Oh dear…what NEXT?!?! LOL

The thing to note is that their CD will have many notable seiyuu – including….*DRUM ROLLS*

Mamiko Noto: How could we leave her out!?

Miko Ito: Sachiko from Marimite!!

Kana Ueda: Yumi from Marimite!

Ayako Kawasumi: Chikane from Kannazuko no Miko

Ami Koshimizu: Nina Wang from Mai-Otome, Tenma from School Rumble and Kanako from Marimite!

Rina Sato: Tsutako from Marimite

Sayaka Ohara: Alicia from Aria (haven’t watched this yet…)

WOW! What a cast! I wish I could understand Japanese…*sigh*