Continuing on from where we left off, Junya could not be happier with Kiyoka finally awake from her coma state. Kanon is also very supportive and overjoyed to see that Junya’s wish has come true – she offers to help in any way possible.

Ok, so bitchy scene no. 1 coming up…

il-ep7-aKanon has bought Kiyoka’s favourite flowers and presents them to her. That woman raises her hand touching it and rather than admiring the prettiness of the flowers, she begins to break the petals one by one. Junya tells her not to hurt the flowers and pushes her to another room.

Junya then calls Subaru to tell him of the good news and asks him to come and see Kiyoka. We can tell there is some awkwardness and that Subaru would rather not see her…I wonder why?!?

Bitchy scene no. 2

il-ep7-bKanon is helping Kiyoka have some soup but “that woman” (maybe I’ll just call her that going forward! haha) just brushes her arm away spilling the soup. Kanon is a little shocked and I think she can tell that Kiyoka basically doesn’t like her. 

I feel like slapping her!! haha I mean, look at how patient and nice Kanon is being!? No appreciation at all. Tsk tsk tsk.

Junya then goes to help Kiyoka wash her hair. Again, Kanon is very enthusiastic and offers to help but Junya says it’s ok – he can handle it. Kanon is slightly taken aback and feels that she is out of place – like she’s intruding. I honestly don’t think Junya had such thoughts in mind but given Kanon’s weak character, neither is it surprising for her to assume that. Because of this, she returns to her old apartment and finds that the owner has thrown out all her belongings and has rented the apartment to someone else. Oh dear…what’s going to happen to Kanon?

il-ep7-cKanon is sitting on a bench with a bag or two of her belongings – a bit lost as to where she can go. Suddenly Junya appears with Kiyoka – he’s here looking for her. “Let’s go home.” He proceeds to take her arm but she pulls back straight away. She’s very conscious about Kiyoka. I guess she doesn’t want to look like she’s trying to steal Junya away from Kiyoka. “Now that Kiyoka has awaken, I should leave…” Junya disagrees and says she has been a great help to him and it’s because of her prayers that Kiyoka is now recovering. “So let’s go home.”

il-ep7-dWhen at home, Junya goes through an old photo album to try and help Kiyoka recover her memory. She’s pretty much expressionless all the way until we get to the picture of three of them – Junya, her and SUBARU! She actually smiles at this point. She even rips a picture of Subaru to keep by her side – without Junya knowing of course. We obviously know’s what’s going on but not poor Junya…*sigh* 

Kanon bumps into Subaru outside the restaurant. She encourages him to go see her as she’s recovering very quickly. He claims he’s busy…(yeah right) and tells Kanon not to force herself to be happy seeing Kiyoka’s recovery. Anyway, guess what? He walks into the restaurant and there in front of him is Kiyoka. She becomes very emotional and managed to call out his name and walk towards him. She basically has her arms around his neck. It is a very awkward scene as both Junya and Kanon can tell there is something wrong and very strange. To make matters worse, she tries not to let go. Argh…

il-ep7-fOoooh this next bit is SO DAMN WEIRD!! It’s almost laughing material!! There’s a human snake in the house! LOL In the middle of the night Kiyoka is looking for the picture of Subaru. She could not find it in her jacket pocket so starts going crazy to the point of crawling to the kitchen and looking in the bin. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees it in Kanon’s apron pocket (Kanon had found the pic and deliberately hid it). As you can probably guess, Junya finds Kiyoka in the kitchen with the photo. He’s shocked but tries to hide it. Kanon soon joins them and to make him feel better, she lies that she had ripped the photo as she was envious of the happy times captured in the picture. 

Honestly, Kiyoka is not just your standard biatch – she’s now a CRAZY one too!! Absolutely nuts!


Here in this episode we find out how Junya met Kiyoka – it’s a bit bizarre really – especially the way they decided to get married. LOL Junya also discovers that Kiyoka did in fact suicide and the first one to find her was Subaru. Kanon goes and comfort Junya…

On the other side, our Mr. Reporter has found out that Kanon’s mother had also been a patient of the doctor’s. She had sleeping problems so took medication that eased her into sleep. The reporter tries to find out from the doctor what was causing her the pain. “Kanon was sexually assaulted by her father, right?”