in-libraryQuick! Okazu has just posted her latest notes on volume 19 of the Maria-same ga Miteru light novel series!! There’s some interaction between Yumi & Touko!! hahaha

There’s a part that I absolutely LOVE!! Brings back memories! LOL It’s got to do with the biscuit door! haha Let me know if you think you know what I’m rambling on about!!

Anyway, go read it NOW and remember to say thanks to Erica and Sukoshi for their translation!!

Damn…I’m only up to volume 8…Grrr…

Btw, I’m trying to translate a particular small chapter from volume 8 – it’s the bit where Yumi goes off to find Sei in her classroom just a day before the graduation. I’m trying and I just started tonight. I’m hoping to finish in a few days but there’s a good 10 pages…Argh!

Edit: Oh and now Okazu just posted Part 2!! YAY!