school-rumble-season2Finally! I’m done with the 26 episodes! I was initially quite excited when first starting season 2 but my levels of enjoyment yoyo-ed around a bit…

Story 6

Why? Because at times it was boring! It got a bit downhill in the 2nd half. I think it was because there were episodes where the story was just TOO random. Like, there might suddenly be an episode where the characters for no reason appear in another setting or they do a parody on another anime (I think) but I didn’t find it funny or amusing.

There’s also the problem of side characters who just did not add any entertainment value or at least very little!! I’m referring to Lala, Togou, Harry and the blonde hair dude that’s crazy about D-cups… *roll my eyes*

sr2-eri-harimaThe only story that they haven’t quite over-killed on is Eri x Harima! Were you surprised by my choice!? Of course not! LOL Their little interactions are carefully sprinkled here and there over season 2. Honestly, I think it was this couple that kept me going (more because of Eri).

Oh and the relationship between the two teachers Itoko and Youko certainly raises suspicion. I’m inclined to think there’s something going on there but I’m sure we’ll never get an answer. Aargh!!

To me, the highlight of the anime must have been where both Eri and Harima is staying at Miko-chan’s place. Miko knows Eri has feelings for Harima so sets them up. Their private time in the temple was pretty cute and they’re quite ‘close’!~ We get to see the softer side of Eri and Harima gets a bit of a shock when Eri decides to share the blanket with him! It’s kind of sweet to see that Eri is also showing extra care to the ‘workman’ who is in fact Harima!!









As an added bonus, we get to see Miko take the Mickey out of Eri!!! hahaha Miko’s reaction is P R I C E L E S S!! HAHAHA










Characters 7

Do I need to say anything here?! I’m all for Eri!!! hahaha I’m liking her voice too…think I just picked up another favourite seiyuu!! LOL Yui Horie!!

Music 3

Music really doesn’t catch your attention here. Well fair enough! It’s not like there’s anything serious going on!! LOL Gave it a three though cos there’s a few songs on the image albums that are worth a listen.

Ending theme song

Yakumo’s 夕顔 Yuugao (Moonflower) 

Eri’s Dependence (and there’s little bits of Harima!! hahaha)

Overall 6

Honestly, at times I struggled a bit with this one. I think I’ll leave season 3 (two OVAs) alone for the timebeing. Maybe that’s the problem! I watched season 2 straight away after the first one so probably suffered from the overdose in the short period of time! haha I’m sure I’ll enjoy the next batch of OVAs as long as I give myself a good break in between!!

Another quick example of the ‘randomness’ of this anime! I don’t think you’ll find it anywhere else! A WHALE falls in love with Yakumo!?! What the HECK!? I give up…\(-_-)/