Since watching the 6 episodes of Innocent Love I have completely fallen head over heels over the piano version of Eternally. As a small gift to my readers, I’ve ripped the preview clip from the official OST website! Enjoy! You can also download it here.

Now, below is the translated preview for episode 7 from the website:

il-ep7After Kiyoka awakes from her coma state, the doctor is called in to do a check-up. He says there is likely to be some sort of brain damage. Junya is optimistic and will help Kiyoka go through rehab. Kanon also offers to help. 

Junya calls Subaru to tell him of the good news but Subaru could not hide his sense of fear from his face. Junya also takes Kiyoka to church and tells the Father and Mizuki of the miracle.

On the otherhand, Kanon requests the owner of the restaurant bar to allow her to work in the daytime too. The purpose is for her to save money to help her brother who has now committed a repeat offense. However, when Kanon goes to visit Yoji, he tells her there is no need.

Kanon returns to Junya’s place but upon seeing his wholehearted attitude in caring for Kiyoka, she decides that she should move on and leave Junya’s side. She returns to her own apartment but finds that all her belongings have been throw outside. The landlady had assumed that she was not going to return and had even signed up a lease with a new tenant.

With no place to go, Kanon ends up sitting on the park bench, wondering what to do. Not long after, Junya appears with Kiyoka in the wheelchair. As it was dark, Junya was worried about Kanon and was out to look for her. Kanon explains that she thinks she should leave his place but Junya says that the recovery of Kiyoka is due to Kanon’s prayers. He takes her back home.

One day as Kanon is heading to work at the restaurant bar, she bumps into Subaru. They arrive at the restaurant where there was also Junya and Kiyoka. When Kiyoka saw Subaru, she suddenly began acting strangely…(source). 

All thanks goes to ☆NaNa╮who did the Chinese translation of episode 7 over in BTPIG!!