Kiyoka’s heart stops beating and is sent to the hospital in hope of a save. Her organs have deteriorated significantly and the doctor hints that it would be a test to see if she could survive the next 2 days. The news shock Junya – he’s basically like a walking zombie. In denial and not wanting to see Kiyoka’s state, Junya wanders around and ends up on the rooftop of a building. 

il-ep6-bWhile Kanon is looking for Junya, Subaru is at the hospital watching over Kiyoka. We catch glimpses of their past. We see Kiyoka at Subaru’s apartment on the day before the wedding. She says “His love is burdening me…I don’t deserve so much love from him…”

il-ep6-cIn the end, Kiyoka survives (damn it!!) and the three of them return ‘home’. Kanon will now be temporarily staying at Junya’s place. She offers to wake up in the middle night to adjust Kiyoka’s sleeping posture (something that Junya has been doing for the last 3 yrs) but he kindly refuses her offer. However, when the alarm went off, Junya did not wake up so Kanon got up to help Kiyoka instead. Kanon is so yasashii (gentle)!!

Back to the brother, Yoji is now in custody. Kanon has not come to visit him and he’s not expecting one either. When talking to the guard, the guard asks why he has been hiding the fact that he killed their parents from his sister for so long. His answer: “For her. She never trusted anyone. If she knew that I had killed our parents, she would have felt very lonely – that’s what I thought. But I don’t need to worry anymore.” 

il-ep6-dMeanwhile, Kanon is enjoying the time she’s staying at Junya’s place. It’s an odd situation really. They look almost like a happy couple except that in the background there’s a corpse (well close…) sitting nearby! LOL Well at least Kanon gets to cosy up to Junya! =P She’s feeling very happy and fulfilled…as long as she leaves her lost memories alone…

She eventually goes to visit her brother. Kanon asks why he killed their father and he insists it was because of a moment of rage. He also killed their mum as she was trying to protect him. All Yoji wants now is for Kanon to find happiness. They end their visit with his warning: “Don’t ever meet the reporter again. He will just use you.” 

il-ep6-eOoooh! This is almost the final scene and we finally see some change in Junya! No longer is it all about Kiyoka! Kanon had promised to return home before it gets dark but is late. He’s worried so goes out to look for her. At first he was just strolling, followed by walking, a bit of light running and eventually he was taking off looking for her in anxiety! You should see his face when he finally sees her! A BIIIG sigh of relief!! But just as he takes her by the arm to lead her back home, flashes of more lost memories appear. Kanon collapses.

il-ep6-fNow this is REALLY the last scene and I can use two words to describe it…’WHAT THE _____!?!!” *GROWL*

Judging from the previews, she’s going to be a real BIATCH to Kanon!! Aaaaah!!! Another week till episode 7!!

Btw, for the Last Friends fans out there! I spotted something silly! The hospital that Kiyoka was staying in is the same one that Ruka stayed in when she hurt her leg!!! AHAHA I can tell from the exterior shots on the hospital!! =P How random!! ahahahah