Warning: potential spoilers ahead!

Just continuing on from episode 4, Kanon disappears from Junya’s life as promised. Junya tries to call her but her phone has been disconnected and she has stopped attending work. He is worried and goes off to seek Subaru’s who tell him to forget about her. “She’s disappeared because she doesn’t want you to find her.” Junya kind of agrees and leaves it as that.

il-ep5-aOn the other side, Yoji has tracked down the doctor that had treated Kanon years back. He finds her records and burns them. Honestly, he does all this without gloves – my first thought was – ‘err…fingerprints??’ Guess he’s not that worried! His attack on the reporter is eventually exposed and hits the newspaper headlines.

This causes pain on Kanon who has to deal with the disappearance of her brother and more stupid reporters!

il-ep5-b1She tries to get the lawyer to help but she says its hard to defend Yoji on a repeat offense. The best approach is to get the reporter to hold off the charge.

Junya is still thinking of Kanon (aww…) and is concerned she might be in an accident of some sort – even thinking about calling the police. However, Mizuka tells there’s no need and reveals that her brother is a criminal with coverage in the papers.


Junya finds Kanon’s address and appears on her doorstep (*GASP*)! He asks why she did not tell him about his brother – was it because she was of afraid of being fired? “That’s always been the case. Once they know of my brother’s past, they distance themselves from me.” His answer? Straight and simple: “I won’t. Because I understand the overwhelming loneliness one feels as they are burdened with another’s life.” Upon hearing his answer, Kanon could not hold back those tears in her eyes.

On the following day, Kanon approaches the reporter asking him to drop the charges – she will do whatever she can if he will just give her brother a chance. He agrees but in return she needs to undertake therapy sessions with the doctor to regain her memory on that day. She agrees. During the session, we see flashes of memory. All signs seem to suggest that she was sexually harrassed/abused and her brother killed the parents. But given it’s only episode 5, I doubt it’s as simple as that. Kanon is completely shaken.

il-ep5-eThe best bit is this part – there are a few minutes where it is a pure monologue of Kanon telling Junya of what she has discovered in the last day. Repressed memories that she had wanted forgotten were appearing in her head. Her acting here plus the background piano music of Eternally was an amazing scene to watch. I was completely taken aback. Tears were in my eyes at this moment.

Just when I was still trying to control my own emotions they shock us! Her brother admits that he killed their parents but he warns her not to remember other lost memories. It kind of makes you think that the truth isn’t as simple as that.

That’s all for now…I’ve still got episode 6…