marimite4thThere will be a special new years eve SNEAK PREVIEW of SEASON 4 shown across 10 cinemas in Japan!! DAMN! Why am I not in Japan!?! There will also be a recap of earlier seasons in 3D. The event is also said to screen special messages from Yumi and Sachiko (I think in person)!!! Aaaaw!!.

The ending theme song has also been decided! The lyrics will be written by THE Oyuki KONNO 今野緒雪 and will be sung by Kaori Hikita 引田香織. I’m not familiar with her but she has sung a few opening/ending songs before. Her more notable works are the ending theme songs of Loveless and Shonen Onmyouji. The single will be out on 25 February 2009.

Also, in the web radios, our special guest will be Tsutako!! Our perceptive Miss Photographer!!

Finally, there will also be a special insert in the Cobalt magazine, due to be released on 1 December!! Hahahah Guess where I”ll be around that time!! The Japanese bookstore near me doesn’t stock many copies so I have to be QUICK!!! (Source)

Wow…that’s a lot of news of Marimite!!! The more the merrier!! LOL