Just to let people know, I know subs on Innocent Love are not as quick as most people wish so I’m trying to type up summaries of episodes for those DYING to know what happens next. So far, I have up to episode 5.

Again, I’ll try to avoid major spoilers – read at your own risk! Sorry I’m also a bit wordy…

A doctor arrives to check on Kiyoka – we are told that she relies on life support and if that was to be switched off, then her life would end in seconds or minutes. Junya is told to prepare for the worst.

Junya, along with Mizuka, joins the pastor from church for dinner. Upon knowing Junya has given up on composing music, the pastor is worried and encourages him to move on with life. Junya interrupts and insists that he is doing fine with the side job of repairing organs. After dinner, Mizuka senses that he isin  poor spirits and suggests accompanying him to his next job as an assistant. Halfway through the conversation, as Junya starts pondering on Kiyoka’s circumstances, Mizuka disappears. She looks pissed!  I think she just wishes Kiyoka dead.

il-ep3-aBack at the house, Kanon is packing up ready to go but suddenly hears some noises from inside the room. She was tempted to open the door but Junya just returns. She leaves in a rush. Suddenly, an alarm from inside the room rings. Junya panics and rushes in and we see that the breathing tube has been pulled apart! LOL Don’t worry – of course she doesn’t die. ^_^


il-ep3-cThe thought that it was Kanon’s doing crosses Junya’s mind but he seems to suspect that it was Kiyoka herself. Apparently, 3 years ago, on the day before the wedding, Kiyoka had taken many pills – Junya asks “why did she take them?” Subaru’s answer is then a little strange – he claims that she was just too excited to sleep so took some sleeping tablets. The doctor at the time said it was an overdose. Junya thinks Kiyoka was trying to suicide but Subaru insists that it was impossible.

il-ep3-eil-ep3-fIn the meantime, Kanon is trying to find her brother a job. Without a job, her brother is unlikely to be approved of an early release. To make matters worse, Junya tells her that she no longer needs to clean his house. Kanon assumes that he has found out about her past like the previous employers, rushes out and breaks down crying.

Junya is back sitting next to Kiyoka asking her whether it was actually herself that pulled the tubes. In the corner of the screen, we see her hand move.

On the way home, Kanon bumps into the reporter. He goes back to her apartment and starts talking about the events that happened on that night. As Kanon tries to call up the past, we see some shocking flashbacks. We’re not EXACTLY sure WHAT IT IS but if it’s what I think it is, then it’s definitely SHITE!! I won’t say here but if you really want to know, leave me a comment and I’ll email you. Kanon is distraught and tells the reporter to leave.

il-ep3-hFollowing, Kanon pays her brother a visit and tells him that her memory of the night is very vague. The brother is agitated and tells her never to see the reporter again. He tries to change the topic and asks her how’s everything going with the person she likes. Kanon says it’s not going well and even bursts out “It’s all onii-chan’s fault!” – she quickly apologizes but she’s clearly hurt her brother’s feelings.

*15 minutes later*

I was writing this as I was watching but this next bit was just SOOOOOO DAMN INTENSIVE!

il-ep3-i1Kanon the stalker is back at the house and sees the doctor leaving. She hears the word patient as the doctor talks to Subaru and assumes that they are referring to Junya. She’s hanging around and moments later sees Subaru leaving the house. His expression is odd and before long she hears an alarm go off from inside the house. (Thank God the alarm came off! I was going to say, you’re not going to just trespass again for no good reason?!!) She goes in and sees Kiyoka with the tube pulled. She nervously reattaches the tube and tries to do something as the alarm continues to ring. Suddenly a voice is behind her. It’s Subaru and he’s telling her to stop. As they start arguing, Junya arrives. Then for some miraculous reason, Kiyoka’s heart beat returns. Junya is relieved and turns to Kanon, probably to at least scream at her or something. She runs and as Junya is about to chase, Subaru admits that it was him who did it. He did so because he didn’t want to see Junya’s live wasted by this woman – “I wish you can have your own life”.

Here you can really see Kitagawa’s acting missing his mark. His reaction is just not enough. It seems to lack something. However, I am then pleasantly surprised when he runs to apologize to Kanon. As he explains who she is and how he’s been spending the past 3 yrs, for the first time, I sense that I’m seeing the ‘real’ Junya – not the smiley one that we have been seeing for 2 episodes. As a newbie, I think Kitagawa is not bad.

il-ep3-j1Finally, the episode finishes off with a few happy moments. Junya and Kanon reconciles and she continues to work at his place. He also offers to introduce her to a waitress job! Kanon is then notified that her brother’s early release has been approved and a job has been lined up. Of course, we know this is just temporary happiness for our poor Cinderella…