In times like these, I find myself lucky that I can read Chinese! That way, I can watch episodes 2 to 4 of Innocent Love! Don’t worry – I’m still a supporter of Querbeet’s work – just that I don’t have the patience to wait! =P

Let the story begin…btw, please refrain from reading more if you don’t want to spoiled!!

After hearing that Kanon has now fallen in love, the brother breaks into a rage and is separated from his cell mates. Given the outburst in violence, he is unlikely to be released early, as was anticipated.  Junya (i.e. Kitagawa) also notices the piano music box the following morning. He doesn’t know who’s it from so assumes it from another child admirer. 

In the meantime, Kanon has found herself a job at another cleaning agency – she is still using her ‘new’ name. She’s also a bit of a stalker (haha) and walks to Junya’s place and sees him listening to the music box – she’s clearly over the moon!








We are also introduced to the darker side of Mizuki (the girl who likes Junya). She makes a confession, admitting that she sinned today by wanting a person to die and the thought won’t go away…

Then there’s more stalking from Kanon. She’s now in much brighter spirits, telling her brother that to see the person she loves on the street makes her happy. If only she could ‘hello’ to him…but if that person was to find out about her love for him, she is sure that he will be like the others. He will probably not accept her and leave her. Therefore, she’s happy for things to be as they are. To be able to watch over him from afar – she is satisfied.



Next, our d1ckhead reporter returns and pays a visit to Yoji. Things get a bit complicated here. According to the reporter, when Yoji was first arrested, he immediately admitted to killing his parents, however, there was a stage where the jury did not find him guilty and had postponed the hearing. We don’t get the full story but it basically sounds fishy. On the otherhand, Yoji claims that his parents were killed already (knife wounds) when he woke up. He then set a fire because he didn’t want his sister to see their horrendous state. Now THAT’s pushing it I reckon?! I mean, is that a normal reaction?! *shrug* Apparently, Yoji’s fingerprints were found on the knife that killed the parents. Conclusion: all surrounding evidence points to Yoji as being the offender. Uh oh…

il-ep2-eNow it’s Kanon getting herself into trouble. She’s hanging around Junya’s place again and sees the domestic helper rushing away. You won’t believe what she does next. At this stage I was like “you’ve got to be kidding me…” Yep – I’m right. She helps herself into the house (which was conveniently not locked of course) and starts tidying the things up. She hears a noise and walks towards the ‘out of bounds’ door. As Kanon presses her ear against the door, it suddenly opens! Out walks the Subaru! As he questions her, Junya returns home. The situation is super awkward and in a state of panic, she grabs her stuff and runs. Honestly, that’s a bit crazy!!

il-ep2-fThen when I thought all was a bit insane, they send us into a shock! Kiyoka is suddenly smiling!! AAaaah! Looks damn freaky to me!! Also, just when I thought there’s been enough bizarre turns in one episode, they pounce on us with another! 

Kanon is called to tidy Junya’s place! It’s like…”What the..?!!” It is eventually revealed that Subaru thinks Kiyoka’s smiling is due to Kanon – I’m like “??”…I mean she didn’t even enter the room!?! But in any case, they’re willing to give it a try as Kiyoka has not smiled in 3 years.

il-ep2-gFinally, there’s an glimpse to the thoughts behind Subaru. We see him attempting to remove the breathing apparatus from Kiyoka (the thing in her throat). He fails as Junya just returns. I’m pretty damn sure that Subaru has feelings for Junya. Subaru also lies telling Kanon that Junya has no girlfriend. This encourages Kanon, who, although says she’s happy enough to just observe him from afar, really does want more than that. As she rushes to his home with a bento in hand, he sees Junya playing the piano with a girl next to him. She’s shattered.

Overall the episode was a bit ‘bizarre’…not sure what to expect next. Again, the scriptwriter is playing with our minds. Leaving a little bit of history but not enough for us to work out exactly what it means. It’s not fantastic but there’s potential. Not sure why the ratings are slipping so quickly…Maybe I’ll know after another 1 or 2 episodes…