Just only 1 episode in and I’m already all hyped about it! SO GOOD! LOL I’m up to episode 18 and there have been a few notable scenes worth mentioning!!










The first couple of episodes focused on the war game within the class members. Sawachika (though it really wasn’t her – you’ll know what I mean if you watched it) is cool! The Sawachika / Harima combo seemed to work great! She just seems really smart and cool. At the same time, she has a hard time expressing her feelings. I think that’s why I like her! Why can’t stupid Harima like her?!! Argh!!

There’s also the first time we see some embarrassment between Hanai and Mikoto! When Mikoto was ‘killed’ in the war/survival game, Hanai screamed out ‘Miko-chan’ out of anger/sadness. Trust Harima to remind everyone of this and create a laughing stock out of them two!! hahaha 

Next there was the school play! ANOTHER ‘Eri’ moment! hahaha She looked pretty kakkoi!!








After the school play, there’s not much more sparks between Harima and Eri until like episode 16, where they both take refuge at Mikoto’s place! LOL WOW! A bath together!!! AHAHAHA