maria23Ok – so I’m THAT desperate that I’ve gone to look up the web radio episodes that are currently being broadcasted!! hahaha Hey! It’s been a long Marimite drought! It’s still a while away until January 09 when season 4 will be out.

BUT…I have to disappoint you! I recently found an amazing site that did some spot translation of episode 2! I then ASSUMED (how dare I?!!) that the wonderful person also translated the other episodes but NO…*A BIG SIGH*

Oh well – it’s still an amazing find to me!


The site is j1m0ne’s blog!! It’s a rare spot in hyperspace where there are various snippits on seiyuu! The wonderful voice actresses behind the scenes!

The other thing to note about the site is the owner will sometimes jot some notes on various web radio episodes that she listens to. They’re not by all means in detail but if you’re as desperate as me, then you’ll be interested! LOL

So back to episode 2 of the Marimite web radio…

In episode 2, our guest is Marina Inoue who plays Shouko Naito’s role. Who is she? Well for those who do not have the pleasure of reading the Japanese light novels (I’m still stuck on volume 7…) then she is the girl who basically is the one with the hots for Tsutako’ – as j1m0ne rightly puts it! LOL AHAHAHA DAMN IT!! Why can’t I read Japanese?!?! aaaah!! Anyway, the episode will be on the story ‘Chocolate Portrait’ – the story in which Shouko first meets Tsutako (our camera girl!). As quoted from Okazu:

Tsu and Shouko are an awesome pair and I recommend this highly. :)

AAaaaaaawww~~!!! Boo that I don’t understand Japanese. =(

Anyway, for a very brief glimpse of what the story has to offer – pls visit j1m0ne’s post. It leaves much to be desired!!! ^_^

The episode can be listened here:

Earlier this year, Marimite began the broadcast of its radio episodes. Here we have Yumi Fukuzawa welcoming us to the Rose Mansion. The episodes will cover short stories from the light novels that did not manage to be expressed in the anime…

Now why should that be the case! They should just do more episodes!!! I could do with a season 5, 6, 7 etc…but the that’s just me! Geez! I wouldn’t even care if Sachiko never graduates! LOL