Guys – brace yourselves! I’ve heard that the ratings of Innocent Love have not been that great but I didn’t realise it was reaching such levels??! Seeing the trend?? Oh dear…I hope ratings pick up…

~ Episode 1 at 16.9%

~ Episode 2 at 13.3%

~ Episode 3 at 13.3%

~ Episode 4 at 11.7%

As reported from and translated by the great people at

Fuji TV’s newest dorama on Mondays 9pm (the most prestigious time slot for TV dramas in Japan) “Innocent Love” with popular actress Horikita Maki and popular musician Kitagawa Yuujin in the leading roles is fighting a very tough battle at the moment. The show already started with mediocre ratings of 16.9% and continued to loose more and more viewers, their latest episode only with a rating of 11.7%…

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