If there has been a Japanese CD, Jpop or anime soundtrack, that you have been eyeing on, then it may be the time to buy it now! has a special offer right now! It is giving away free 500 yen coupons that may be used on any purchases over 3,000 yen (shipping excluded)! And if you spend more than 5,000 yen (which is quite a LOT I must admit too…) then you can enter a draw with some pretty good Studio Ghibli prizes! Now quick! Go and grab your coupon HERE!

There are some sales on so you might spot something you like! I’m definitely going to look around…VERY tempted….Damn these sales!

Btw, just a quick reminder – Right Stuf’s sale on all Bandai goods is ending in a few hours. If there was something you wanted to get, better make it quick! I’m kicking myself for missing the previous sale when I could have purchased Marimite Season 3 and Aria at bargain prices!! Grrr…Oh well…I just got all the My Otome DVDs…I feel so broke now!!! But then surely, 40% off justifies any purchase! hahaha