I have been happily reading the Marimite light novels and was pretty much churning away until I hit book 7! Titled, The Loving Times ~ Part 1, I slowed down heaps once I read the blurb. Reason being, the main focus in this book will be Eriko’s ‘flings’ with the many men around her. Knowing there will be less focus on Sachiko and Yumi just made me sigh. 

BUT THEN, I went to the bookstore today and picked up the next four in the series! It’s been a while since my last visit so I knew there will be a few waiting. I now have all the books up to volume 11. The surprise I had was that vol 11 covers up till the end of season 2!! Ooooh! I didn’t realise that the books have progressed so far already! I was really looking forward to the strain that Touko’s presence has on Sachiko x Yumi. Yay! The other bonus was that Noriko will be making her appearance in volume 9!! Another YAY!!! Ok, now all I need to do is start reading…

Edit: Btw, I LOVE the cover the above book! It’s such a pretty picture of Yumi! hehe *rushes off to read more of volume 7 but secretly eyeing on volume 8 and 9, and 10…* =(