AAaah!! They’ve got us again! has ANOTHER sale! GGRrrrr!! They’re trying to make me blow this month’s budget!!! The deadline this time round is 9 November 2008 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Please don’t be like me and miss the damn deadline if you have the true intention to make a purchase!! YES! I didn’t put in my order in time for the other sale!!! AAAAHHH!! I was late by TWO HOURS!!!

Anyway, in this sale, a few items catch my eye:

BUT – WAIT! Note that for My-Hime, RightStuf’s price is at a mere $3.99 for each volume! I’m thinking you’re better off not using the special! I doubt they are giving you an additional 40% off on top of the $3.99! But then this is all still very expensive! The entire My-Otome anime will cost $105 + POSTAGE!!! @_@ It is worth buying though – I checked with Ebay and this is the best deal you will get. Well, have a think about it…