I was going to do the full review in one go but I would have to cut out some cute scenes so I’m doing a quick update up till episode 6. To me, episode 6 is a key mark in the anime as we see a significant change in Hagino’s character. Initially, she is presented as the model student, admired by many students but is generally emotionally blank. However, halfway through, we start seeing the playful side of her. She’s loosening up and even knows how to push Mari’s buttons! LOL Now don’t get your hopes up – definitely can’t compare to Shizuru but there is a very gentle resemblance. 

Before I start rambling – couldn’t help but quote a few lines from the review over at Okazu’s – cracked me up!! LOL

Hagino, as it turns out, is an alien commander of a big ass spaceship. 

Yuri for this series is of the infatuation/obsession sort between Hagino and Mari, an a priori tragic love, and Micchi, who is clearly writing a Mari x Hagino slashfic in her spare time. =)

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

So very early in the anime (like episode 3), we score a brief blushing moment between Mari and Hagino! It’s not like a new idea – one that I’m sure has been used over and over again…but still…haha good for me! Trust me, there’s more to come!

Music also started to catch my attention. They were simple pieces with a focus on the piano and strings but nevertheless fitted the anime well – particularly in the depiction of Mari x Hagino.

This is another great piece – actually the first track I picked up on – really nostalgic and the strings are just so DAMN endearing!? I loved it the first time I heard it. There are a few more other ones but I’ll leave them for the final review.

In episode 4, Mari is finally honest to her feelings and openly embraces Hagino…now THIS was unexpected! Even Hagino was shocked for a moment!











Now for a really cute Hagino scene!!! Aaaaww!!






Oooh! Gotta love this scene! haha I think re-watched it a few times. VERY ShizNat-like!! There’s another really warm/fuzzy part but I’ll leave that till tomorrow….hahahaha