Hmm…how should I start? Let’s begin with why I chose this anime to watch. It was mainly because Erica at Okazu is always raving about it and even claimed it was to her, anime of the year (2006). Plus the fact that it is a story on mainly girls, I figured it will satisfy my yuri senses. To get things straight, there actually isn’t much yuri. Well there is but on a more serious level so everything was quite subtle. Maybe a tiny sprinkle here and there but few “need-to-grab-my-pillow” kind of blushing moments! I think the real yuri moment appeared around episode 12 or 13? Too long of a wait!

I actually gave this a go a few months back but couldn’t sit through even half of episode 1! One thing I really don’t like is the way the characters are drawn. The worst must be Neviril! Can’t stand the pink hair or the lips. Luckily I like the look of my favourite character, Aaeru (I like her personality too!). I forced myself through it and must admit that the art is pretty good. Particularly the drawing of the Simoun! It’s definitely quite impressive.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Story 7

I think some people will kill me for this…*looks left and right*…I found it too complicated and there were holes here and there. Creativity was definitely there but I think I simply prefer more light hearted works. I guess objectively speaking, it’s at least an 8 or even 9.

Characters 8

One interesting point about Simoun is that there was a fairly significant focus on character development. You actually noticed growth in a number of the characters rather than limited to the one or two key ones. My favourite characters were:

  • Aaeru – it was her brash and headstrong character that attracted me! Her strong character helped the growth of the other girls too. To top it off, her complete lack of understanding of “love” created quite a few awkward/funny moments! Luckily there’s Floe around to teach her a thing or two…very cute!




 Mamina – her character was visually pretty but also strong – I like! I also enjoyed the conflicts she had with Rodoreamon! The scene where Rodoreamon cuts her braids was quite touching and likewise when Mamina leaves the choir. I was quite annoyed that the anime never addressed what eventually happened to her…grrrr….BUT, one thing that I really noticed was her similarity to Yoshino from Marimite!! hahaha They’re like TWINS! LOL






  • Other – there were other characters that also caught my eye but for different reasons! haha I couldn’t help but be distracted by Shimako and Sei’s (from Marimite) voice in Simoun! hahaha Was definitely looking out for them during the whole anime! ^_^ Sorry can’t help the Marimite fan inside me. ahaha

Music 7

Again, I think I will get whacked for this! The music was not bad particularly the opening and ending theme songs but the background music really didn’t catch my attention. I guess I’m not really into the accordion type music. I prefer my strings. Still I did enjoy the theme songs and they also used the piano version of the opening theme which I liked!

Overall 7

Overall I didn’t enjoy this anime that much. Largely probably because it was too serious for me. I prefer more light hearted works and more “blushing moments” between my favourite yuri pair! Sorry I can’t help it! I admit to liking Marimite, Strawberry Panic and Mai-Otome. *shrug* Shoot me. AHAHAHA

A final dose of a rare blushing scene in Simoun…=P Gotta love Floe in these scenes!! LOL