I am currently up to episode 5 but even with episode 1 I knew this one was going to be a barrel of laughs! I was seriously slapping my thighs and giggling (quite stupidly) in that first hour!

Just to give you a brief background, we have two pairs of siblings. In both cases, the parents have passed away. On the left, you have the older brother, Kenji, who is now a manga artist but used to be the leader of a biker gang. He is loud, fairly rude and imposes unreasonable rules on the sister, Yasuko – he basically treats her like she’s 5 still. Of course, he has the “strictly no guys” rule in place. On the other side, you have Erika, the older sister who is now a florist but conveniently, ALSO used to be the head of a biker gang (ladies only of course)! The brother, Tsubaki, is a your typical A-grade student. He’s meant to be good looking but not to me! As expected, Yasuko falls for Tsubaki but the twist is that Erika actually has a HUGE crush on Kenji! But, these older pair had crossed paths in their biker days so Kenji does not have a great impression of her – often calling her a bitch etc which then pisses her off and ends up losing the chance to confess her love. It is honestly quite a hilarious storyline! It’s all comedy with exaggerated acting – typical Japanese style but I think it works! I’m halfway through and still enjoying it!

Let’s meet the two faced Kenji & Erika!!












Btw, looking at the storyline, clearly there will be some “brother/sister save me!” scenes! In those instances, there is a similarity to Gokusen. I’ll post some hilarious scenes later.

This one is good to watch if you want something relaxing and not too straining on the brain. Even better if you don’t want to be completely hooked. Though this is enjoyable to watch, I’m not dying to watch the next episode. More later!


Almost forgot to mention, to watch this with English subs, check out SBK’s subbing – it’s available at D-Addicts. Have fun!