The website has confirmed that Utada Hikaru’s Eternally will be the theme song of the upcoming drama Innocent Love! However, they are revamping it calling it the Drama Mix! As it has been 7 years since it was recorded, it is expected that the new Mix will give a complete fresh feeling. 

They decided that Utada’s voice was the perfect choice to express Maki’s role of facing the hardships of reality. The theme, lyrics and tune of the song was said to an ideal fit to the character of the drama. 

The last time Utada’s music was used as a theme song in a September drama was Hero’s Can You Keep a Secret? in 2001. At the moment, there are no plans to release a single of the new Drama Mix.

What? No single?! Ok, so I haven’t heard this new mix yet but still!?! Surely they’ll have to let us get our hands on it in SOME way? I heard that they’ll make it available for download…we’ll see…

Lyrics posted by Nomanymore (check out her blog – HEAPS of stuff!!):

You sparkle a little in front of my eyes 
I can’t see around me 
Where are we? 

Don’t disappear 
Into the background that’s started to get noisy 
I can’t hear anything anymore 
But I can feel you breathe 

This isn’t really like me, but I’m expecting, oh oh 
A surprisingly whimsical development 

I wanna be here eternally 
I want us to keep gazing at each other like this 
I can feel you close to me 
I can’t stay by your side forever 
I just want this moment to last forever 

Before I go out to fight 
I want to take a break with you 
Promises are for the next time we see each other 
Can you hear me breathe? 

There are times, oh oh 
When anyone would be excited by an unsurprising development 

I wanna be here eternally 
Somewhere where nobody can find us 
I can see you’re all I need 
I don’t need any help until tomorrow 
Surely even this moment is just a fantasy 

I can feel you close to me 
Even if I can’t go back to that place 
Just this feeling will last forever 

I wanna be here eternally 
I can see you’re all I need 
Only this moment will last forever

Now that I know the lyrics…the song is even better! But Utada does sound like she’s stretching her range a little at some parts!