Mai-Hime (舞-HiME) is a 26 episode anime and focuses on three girls who ends up attending the same school – Fuka Academy.

Story 6

Well I could easily sum the story up with a few key phrases: co-ed high school setting, girls with very short skirts(!), girls with magical powers and each has their own fighting machine and the “let’s-save-the-world-but-we-have-to-put-our-dearest-on-the-line”! haha Oh and to satisfy us all yuri fans, there’s a girl on girl pairing! Oh well – who said that anime needed to be creative?! 

I honestly didn’t mind the lack of surprise but I did feel that there were holes in the story. Also, the fact that each time a HiME was defeated, someone basically “died” kind of got a bit tiring when you’re up to the 6th HiME (& there’s something like 12?)!! My brain/eyes basically got used to the “sadness” so by the 5th or 6th death, I kind of didn’t feel anything. Finally, they resurrected EVERYONE at the end but they didn’t seem to do much – it was all Mai fighting in the end. At least in Mai-Otome we got a very satisfying ending where every Otome was fighting! Well stop complaining and let’s move on…

Characters 8

First there’s Mai (orange/red hair), who is always smiling and positive but needs to take care of her sickly younger brother. To make matters worse, he has a serious heart condition which means an expensive surgery. They are orphans and Mai tries to make ends meet by working at various part-time jobs. Basically a very optimistic and cheerful kind of girl. Oh and I guess as fan service she has sizeable…er know what. Completely unnecessary I reckon! Oh well. But then I like Marimite! haha

Check out her guns...

Check out her balls?

Next there’s Natsuki! My favourite character! She’s cool, attractive and gives off vibes such as “LEAVE ME ALONE!” hahaha How can you not like her!? Plus she’s very adept with her guns (tho must say they don’t look very cool…they look like guns made out of golf balls!?! ahaha). She lost her mother at a young age who died in an accident as she was trying to escape from the First District (some organisation that is interested in the powers of HiMEs). As a result, she made it her aim in life to destroy First District and developed a cold and independent personality (thus the kakkoi-ness!).

To top it all off, SHE’s the one with the girl going after her!! ahaha SHIZURU! She was always watching over Natsuki and would do anything to protect her. I must say though, I didn’t like how she went crazy!?! The Natsuki x Shizuru combo in Mai Otome was much more satisfying. However, I also enjoyed everytime Shizuru made Natsuki blush! Sorry for the lack of screen shots but I watched a terrible quality version so really not worth it! If the story only had Mai and Mikoto, the score here would be much lower…the 8 is largely due to Natsuki x Shizuru.

This is one of my favourite depictions of them two...

This is one of my favourite pictures of them two...

Oh and there’s Mikoto but there’s not much to say about her…except that she’s always hungry…

Music 9

The music here is actually overall better than Mai Otome. I think it is for the very reason why I didn’t like the story. The story was too serious but with so many deaths, it gave them a very good opportunity to accompany it with some touching/emotional music. Typically, tearful scenes are best matched with strings – which is my absolute WEAKNESS! LOL Then there’s also the anger to depict. So overall I like the music here much more than in Otome but I will dig through the Otome OST again. I doubt I will find as many tracks that I like – but I do like the ‘Materialize’ sequence!

Some of my favourite pieces:

  • Volume 1 – 媛星, 恋をしたから, 優しさの寓話
  • Volume 2 – 媛星~想う心~, 大切な人, 過去への鎮魂歌(レクイエム)
There’s plenty more – just too many to name. As an indicator of how much I like it, I’ve already decided to order it off ebay! Bargain! US$10 for one! (though there is the shipping…). I also really have a soft spot for this one 恋をしたから as its title translates to Because I fell in love with you…haha How can I not like it!? I’m assuming that it’s describing Natsuki and Shizuru. haha I might post them up on IMEEM later. Bear with me.
Overall 7
I did not really feel attached to Mai or Mikoto and my key attraction to this anime is Natsuki x Shizuru. Plus I really did enjoy the music. They had this romantic and melancholic aura to it. I think this is worth watching just for ShizNat! Definitely a must see for yuri fans.
P.S. As a side note, in case I never get around to writing a post on Mai-HiME vs Mai-Otome, the materalization sequences in Mai-Otome were SOOOOOOOO much cooler!! hahaha