HAHA I couldn’t resist! Here are some of the key highlights to the anime! Oh I wish there was more of Natsuki x Shiziru! Well I wonder which anime I’m watching next??!?! LOL

Oh and before we start, I couldn’t help but laugh at Erica’s comment on Mai-Otome, comparing it to Mai-Hime:

All the characters I like are older, cooler and gayer. Is it any wonder I like this series better? =)

Another Nina ‘weak spot’ moment









Erstin Ho imagining things…

Just to give a bit of background, the girls are at their swimming lesson and one of the crazy students (Shiho) has dumped into the pool some tentacle creature after knowing Nina is highly ticklish…well one of these things slides past Erstin who for some reason things it’s Nina being naughty…LOL hahaha Nina’s reaction is priceless!! AHAHAHA

Another thigh-slapping quote from Erica:

I still feel that Nina’s reaction to Erstin’s bizarre assumption that Nina was feeling her up in the pool was the single best thing she did in the entire series. Coulda killed her right after that and it would have been fine with me.











I think that’s enough for now!! hahahaha More to come!!! ^_^