After some days of studying, I am finally FREEEE!!! YAY!!!

Well, what better way to re-energize myself than to watch a good anime?! I really want to relax and use minimal brain power for the rest of the week. So, I settled on Mai Otome – this was recommended to me by rulan from D-Addicts – got to know her through the whole Last Friends craze. I’ve also heard raving reviews so thought I’d give it a go. 

To start with, I was a little hesitant cos I’m not that into the whole machines and fighting idea. I like my yuri anime nice and simple like Marimite…*starts daydreaming*

Ok back to this! Basically I had my reservations as the last time I watched something with machines was Kannazuki no Miko where I did some serious fastforwarding.

Anyway, so FAR (I’m only 1 episode in), it’s not too bad! I can see myself falling for it. Akira (the one in orange hair with the apron) seems to be the klutzy-embarrass-herself type. I wonder which is the yuri couple!?!? I have NOOOO IDEA!!! Oooh…this is getting me quite excited!! LOL I must admit that I’ve seen Erica from Okazu raving about it on her blog so can’t really go wrong!

I’ve also looked through the voice actresses and the ones I recognise are:

  • Natsuki Kuga ~ Saeko Chiba who is Chika in Ichigo Mashimaro (but voice sounds REALLY different here…)
  • Nina Wang ~ Ami Koshimizu who is Kanako from Marimite!
  • Yukino Chrysant ~ Mamiko Noto ~ Shimako from Marimite!!

Well that’s about it – I’m finally back on track going thru my must sees. I was initially planning to watch the j-drama Yasuko to Kenji but subbing hasn’t finished yet so I’ll give it a few more weeks. A brief glimpse of the beginning of episode 1 looks promising!! Can’t wait!