*sigh* Not much to write these days – no news – no anime (well my exams are in like 3 days so REALLY can’t watch anything…) so I thought I’d post a few more cute chibi pics! I have enough for another post and I’ll save the best for last…hehehe AHAHAHA Just the thought of one of them cracks me up!! hahaha


LOL! What the heck are they doing??? Geez...Shimako looks like she's stuffed a burger in her mouth (and her hand)!! HAHA

Now don’t tell me you’re not going to check out the rest…how can you NOT?!?! haha

Looks like Shimako wants to buy Noriko!?! ^_^

Looks like Shimako wants to buy Noriko!?! ^_^


She's Sei's little sister alright! haha She just needs a bit of alcohol to break out of her shell...haha

Looks like Shimako is Sei's little sister alright!! HAHA Poor Yumi...Btw, Yoshino, that's not Rei-sama...hahaha

Damn I like these chibi pics!! If anyone knows who the creator is, pls let me know!! I need to express my thanks for making me smile/laugh so much!