I was a bit disappointed this time round. I had a few laughs here and there but compared to the previous two episodes, these two were weaker. Have to say that Micchan is started to get annoying…I Though given the anime only has 12 episodes then it’s ok to have such a character. If it was anything longer, I think I would struggle!

LOL! This sequence cracked me up! Stupid Micchan decided to break in at night and secretly film Chika. Obviously she gets whacked for being stupid (yet again). I’m also starting to like Chika’s character – she’s very cute in a “younger sister” kind of way! haha Oh and later in the anime, there’s a reminiscing scene of Chika when she was even younger where she’s crying after hearing that Santa Claus is not real – SOOOOO KAWAII!!! hahaha I’m starting to dig this “cute” stuff. It’s no wonder Erica from Okazu says it’s basically too cute to hate. You just can’t help but fall for it! This was a surprise to myself too as I was fairly put off the first time I saw Ichigo Mashimaro!

Final review coming shortly…

Edit: Oh and if you were wondering how a 11 year old could suddenly have a sizeable bust then it’s crazy Micchan grabbing some soft toys and stuffing them…you know where…hahaha