There has been official update from Fuji TV about the upcoming drama Innocent Love! Note that it is still labelled as tentative but seems like they have shed more light on the story…A rough translation below:

At the age of 13, Yoshie witnessed the burning of her family home where both her parents were killed. Her brother was suspected of setting the fire and is arrested. From that time on, Yoshie begins her life of solitude.

Now at the age of 20, Yoshie is working part-time but life is tough as she carries the identity of a ‘murderer’s sister’. She believes her brother is innocent and lives her life with determination. Later on, over in Yokohama, she finds a job as a house cleaner and crosses path with a young man…

This is a drama where love and solitude runs in parallel and where love becomes the drive and support to one’s life (source).

Ok, I think I’ve got the rough translation correct. The only thing I’m not sure about is the cleaner bit. From the translation I read, it’s either that or she works at a laundromat. Oh well. Sorry I tried!!!

Btw, I’m thinking that her hair here will be short-ish still given the close timing to Hana Kimi SP. I don’t think it gives her much time to grow it out. Anyway, so far this drama is up on the top of my list!! Can’t wait!

NB: Picture is from source website but I don’t think it has any link to the drama…