GREAT NEWS TO SHARE!! Thanks to Elevan, I’ve found a new 7 minute episode! It’s not the three episodes (0, 1 & 2) that we have seen so far and it’s not episode 3 BUT it’s still NEW!! It’s called episode EX01 – don’t ask me what that means. Not a freakin clue!

This new episode is here – all thanks goes to otakuBLAZE02 for uploading it! It’s not subbed but there are notes here and there so you will get the gist of it. Don’t worry. Trust me! ^_^

For the Candy Boy fans out there, you won’t be disappointed! hahaha I guess this is particularly so when we don’t really have a choice. Strangely enough, it was released on 16 August but it’s not mentioned in the news update of the site!?! What the heck? Anyway, looks like there might be more of these so will keep an eye out for them.

Just a few minor spoiler screencaps!! We get to see a brief glimpse of the two twin’s little sister!!!! Aawww!! SO CUTE!! She’s like a perfect mix of Kana and Yuki-chan!! (well honestly what did I expect?? LOL) Don’t worry – I haven’t really spoiled it for you! At least not completely! Hurry up and check it out NOW!!! Enjoy~ I’m dying for episode 3!!! ANyone heard of any updates on when it will be released? The rumour I heard was 29th August but not confirmed…

Edit: Latest update! This episode has now been subbed by Tweak-DATS! Thanks again for their hard work! ^_^