Ooooh! Who likes Maki Horikita?! Well I have good news to share! She has picked up a new lead role! She will be starring in the October drama, Innocent Love イノセント・ラヴ, which will be written by Taeko Asano. Does the name sound familiar?! She was the scriptwriter of Last Friends!! Now I don’t expect her to create a 2nd Last Friends, but I’m definitely watching out for this one!! And with Maki too!! Kawaii! There’s also the director and producer of Last Friends in the band wagon. Let’s cross our fingers that they’re not going to torture us with too much violence….*shudder*

A brief outline of the drama:

Akiyama Kanon had a turbulent childhood ever since the murder of her parents with her brother charged as the murderer. This is a story of a young woman who, despite undergoing many hardships, still faces life with exuberance and determination while finding love along the way (source).

Please! Let’s create another Last Friends experience!! Can’t wait! ^_^

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