On the 15 August, the official website announced the release of the PV of Bring up…LOVE! At this stage, this is the only one! You check out the full PV here. The song isn’t bad but kind of hard to get into it since we haven’t seen it in the anime yet. My only complaint is that the animation house is STINGY!!! They didn’t even give us ONE new scene!?!?! GRRRRR……..

The other song sung by the sisters, romance, is yet to be available in the form of a PV. At the moment, I can only find a preview listen of about 45 seconds here! You’ll need to click onto the link under ‘Tracklisting’ to go to the Japanese website where the previews are available. 45 seconds is definitely not enough to get me hooked (despite my craziness)!! haha However, at this stage, I think I’m leaning towards romance more than Bring up…LOVE. Probably because of Hitomi!! ^_^

Btw, as I was watching the PV, it just struck me that Yuki-chan can look quite elegant when she’s not acting silly!!

I can just imagine Kana-chan gazing at her....haha

Hopefully episode 3 will be out soon!!! PLEEEEAASE!!?!

Edit: I’ve now added Bring Up…LOVE to IMEEM as a mp3. It’s ripped directly from the PV so sound quality is only so so…