Just out of interest, I pulled out the views of my top posts. Not quite sure how this is calculated cos my blog has had over 4,000 visits but the sum of the visits to these top posts is definitely less than that (btw, below is not the full list). Hmm….whatever.

Anyway, looks like Last Friends has definitely landed on the no. 1 SPOT! And it’s the MUGS by a significant way!!! LOL Who would have thought the post would have generated so much interest?! I had written out of complete randomness! I was wracking my brains thinking what I could write and *DING*! In any case, I’m glad you guys liked it.

We all know Last Friends is pretty much done…*sob* It’s a sad fact that we have to accept. Our new hot favourite is Candy Boy!! Again, you guys surprise me! The Candy Boy post generating most views is again another one that I had written out of the blue (see [anime] Candy☆Boy ~ cute pic + Episode 3?)! There was no review on an episode etc just me posting this ridiculously kawaii picture of the sisters!!? hahaha Must say that the picture is one of my favourites so far. ^_^

I will continue to keep an eye on Candy Boy and will let you all know if I find something. At the moment, I’m still trying to confirm the release date of Episode 3.

Is there anything you think I could consider checking out? If so, feel free to let me know! That’s all for now!

Oops –  how could I forget?? A BIG thank you for those who have been reading my posts!! Arigato gozaimasu! It’s very encouraging to see visits numbers grow and comments from readers!! ^_^