Guess what? It looks like someone is selling the OTHER set of mugs from Last Friends! Which one?? The Sousuke x Michiru ones!! UGH!! I would NEVER NEVER buy them!! ZETTAI!! haha But then I must admit, objectively speaking, these ones are nicer than the Okaeri ones. Oh well. Why be objective? I’m more than happy with my Okaeri mugs! ^_^

Getting back on track, I decided to post this up in case some people were looking for these. I know one of my friends were. If you are interested let me know. The guy is selling the pair for approx US$33 but this does not include postage and handling. That’s about the same sale price as the Okaeri mugs…









So…I wonder how many crazy people will be interested? Surely, you have to get the Okaeri mugs first!!