Ok! I admit! This anime is moving up the score charts! Just by a few notches so far. Episodes 3 and 4 were quite enjoyable but honestly, it made me wonder about the strange humour that the Japanese have! Also, I now have a better grasp of the characters.

Two of them particularly stand out:

  • Micchan is one crazy girl!! Her actions and speech is beyond comprehension! You kind of feel like whacking her…which many of the characters do! haha But her character does add some humour to the anime.
  • Nobue is constantly short on cash and always going to her sister to borrow money to finance her cigarette habit. She also seems to have a strange fetish towards cat outfits on girls! I never understood the odd cat thing with Japanese anime – not appealing to me at all!!
Btw, I’ve realised, to enjoy this anime, you honestly have to put aside any expectation of normality! I’m afraid you have to remind yourself that these are 11 or 12 year old girls…playing doctor/patients, kidnapping are the norm…! haha Poor Nobue gets dragged into it. *sigh* Finally, I think this is the extent of lolis I can handle. Given the characters are young, its reasonably acceptable.  
So there were a few funny scenes in these two episodes – kind of hard to distill one or two. Let’s see whether I’ve chosen well…   

This was a pretty hilarious typical Micchan moment. Nobue for once was acting all angelic, consoling the crying Ana about how she should be proud of her family name (Coppola which in Japanese sounds like “hole bone cave”)…there’s soft choir-ish music in the background then BANG! The music stops and Micchan blurts out (the one with the pig tails):  
 “I guess, but something weird is something weird, right?”
LOL – typical her! She ends up being thrown out the room. Serves her right!  
This was another hilarious moment – again thanks to Micchan! She spots a bikini in Ana’s wardrobe and is annoyed as she looks at her own…err….flat chest (which was already pointed out in ep 1)! haha I’m like, “what do you expect?! You’re TWELVE!?!?!” ANYWAY, in a very serious tone she asks Chi-chan (the one in blue) to pat her back for a second. At this stage, I’m still like, HUH?? But then the next frame (picture above) comes up and I’m like….”Ooooh!!!” LOL Let me know if you’re a bit lost! haha It’s seriously ridiculously silly!   
Finally, in episode 4, Nobue finds herself a part-time job working as a waitress in a family restaurant. Stupid Micchan ends up pissing her off at the restaurant which all finishes off with a food fight. Needless to say, Nobue loses her job and has to pay the cost of cleaning the place up. In return, she leaves a mark on Micchan (see left)!! haha It says, Annual Rice Tax.
Overall, so far it’s ok and will probably continue to grow on me but it’s not going to be on my all time favourite list. I kind of feel like it’s a slight waste of Hitomi and Mamiko’s voices! Ok, maybe that’s a bit mean… =P